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702 SW 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716
Phone: (479)273-4000
Website: www.walmart.com
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Wal-Mart Corporate office, which is sited in Bentonville Arkansas, is actually the first general office warehouse of Walmart, and then it was transformed into the headquarters of the company back in the 1980s. After the conversion, the corporate office campus of Walmart has expanded with great speed and now it encompasses fifteen building accommodating over eleven thousand staff members. Walmart corporate office serves thousands of retail outlets as well as mobile and online devices and it operates stores in many different locations. The company now own over ten thousand retail units spread around the world and employ over 2.2 million personnel across its outlets.

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  • By wally world - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    I'm wanting to know since wal mart dropped Paula Deen, when are you going to drop the ones that produce the rappers and other genre that to this day uses that word more than once? I'm in the navy, protecting and serving every day! What gives your company that obviously thinks they do no wrong? I know for a fact that Walmart put certain clothes in different stores to cater for different people! Who made you god to provide articles of clothing to one store or the other? This is discrimination if u want to admit it or not! Shame shame shame!

  • By Virginia Paul - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    Since you choose to take paula dean off the shelves, I assume every rap cd that has hatful words towards whites will be taken off the list in - all your stores as well correct!!!

  • By Linda Brogan - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    this might be the wrong area to voice my complaint but here goes anyway. Why in the world would Wal Mart drop Paula Deen for something so totally ridiculous? I love Wal Mart or used to. It's pretty much the only store I go to. I am searching now for somewhere else to go because I disapprove so strongly with what you and others are doing to Paula Deen. It's pretty much turned into a media frenzy with no one wanting to take a stand and support her!! I guess her mistake was answering the attorney's question honestly. I'm not even sure why the question was asked. So what if she did say something 30 years ago, which by the way, was used all the time way back then? If we could get the filth in the so called music, videos, movies, etc that is used everywhere today,then that would be a good job. As it is, companies are targeting her with like a personal vendetta. I sincerely hope Wal Mart reconsiders and gets off of her back cause I truly like shopping at Wal Mart. I will, however, as will most of my friends, stop shopping there until this error in judgement is corrected . I support Paula Deen all the way!! Have a great day. My rsting is based only on this situation going on now. Ordinarily I would rate a 5

  • By Vishal Kumar - Posted on: May 2, 2013

    Hope you are well. I was surfing through your website. When we search for any keyword pertaining to your domain, your website does not come on the first page of Google. So how would people come to know about your website? If you want your website to appear on first page of Google then please let me know. We can provide you guaranteed Top 10 Google rankings. I look forward to your Mail.

  • By Susan Hogan - Posted on: May 15, 2013

    ...it's not easy finding where to put this... Muellers brand of noodles...could you please start carrying the LARGE elbows...we use this for soup and have to make a trip to Publics to get it...Thank you...have a bless day.

  • By Willie Simpson - Posted on: April 8, 2013

    I visited my local Wal-Mart in Paris, Texas on 04/06/2013 and I was surprised at the idiots that this store hires. I could barely get down the juice aisle because 3 female employees were huddled up gossiping about how another employee told on them because they called him a "white" boy, all while their boxes were scattered across the aisle and no one could get thru the aisle. When I checked out one of my purchases rang up "item not found" so the cashier threw it on top of the register and said, "it rang up item not found so i can't let you have it." I asked why and he informed me that "item not found" means it's been recalled!! I told him that's the worse excuse for being lazy that I have ever seen. I told him that it probably just wasn't entered into the computer and all he had to do was enter the deptartment number and price, he wanted to argue that it was a recalled item. I asked him to call a manager and he got huffy and called one. When the manager arrived she told him to just enter the deptartment number and price. I asked the manager that since it rang up "item not found" does that mean the item has been recalled? She laughed and said no it probably wasn't entered into the system. This cashier was too lazy to call a manager or someone to do a price check that he just made up the excuse of it being recalled and refused to let me have it. He was working register 9 and had dreadlocks hanging down in front of his face. Our Paris, Texas wal-mart is the worse of the worst. The employees don't have a dress code, several employees have blue, purple of pink hair and some have so many peircings in their lips and tongues you can barely understand that they're saying. The dress code is a joke, employees walking around with pants hanging off their butts and some women employees wearing spandex leggings. It's a disgrace and Sam Walton would be turning in his grave if he were here to see how his work has went to sh*t.

  • By Rebecca L. Welter - Posted on: April 20, 2013

    Dear Sir/Mam: I was in one of your stores the other day and saw some adorable Fiddler Crabs in the Pet Dept. They were in an aquarium with the water to the top and filled with other fish. They were so cute (I thought) as they were dancing all about on the barren aquarium floor. I asked for help, as I knew NOTHING about them, other than I would like to purchase some. A young man came up to assist me. Asking questions, I was told by your employee, that these were "Fresh water crabs, did not need to surface, as they hold enough air in their shell to last a year." (?) I pondered that statement, what do they do after a year? Then he said he had to come by and knock the ones that made it up to the surface filter, off! I was also warned, that they were climbers and could get out of the aquarium. I was told they sell fast, because people buy them to clean the bottom of their aquariums. When I asked again if they didn't need some dry land, I was told no, they live under the water. I was also told two would live comfortably in a fish bowl. I bought two males and brought them home, placing them in de-chlorinated fresh water in the bowl with some pebbles on the bottom. Then, I fed them. They DEVOURED EVERYTHING I dropped in the bowl, like they had not eaten for months! Next morning, I did what I usually do when I find something I love...I research it on the web. Well...I WAS SHOCKED! Fiddler Crabs can only live long term in brackish water (some salt in the fresh water!) They ALSO need LAND to crawl out of the water and BREATH! One can also keep 2 Fiddlers in a 10 gallon aquarium comfortably, not a fish bowl! After reading this, I went straight to Pets Smart, bought an aquarium, filter, hood, beach sand and hideaway decorative plants in rocks with holes (as they also love to hide) and everything they needed to “feel at home!” In their natural environment, they live on the beach sand and go into the water. Surprisingly, I also read, they can become so frustrated trying to get out of the water, they give up and die! I then went straight back to Wal-Marts, where I purchased my first two little guys. The rest were still dancing, but not “adorably”...This time I knew they were frantic...THEY WERE DROWNING! Yes, they will live in fresh water for several weeks, but by the time a consumer buys one and keeps it per the instructions (if any) that your information misguided employees gives them, they too, will die. As I was standing in line waiting to purchase the two (more) little guys I was, at this point RESCUING (my heart still breaks for all the rest in the tank at your store!)...the couple behind me remarked, that they bought two also, a couple of weeks ago, and put them in the aquarium with the rest of their fish. The Fiddlers climbed out within two days and were both found on the kitchen floor, dead. Their two little daughters were devastated! They too, had been told they would live on the bottom of their aquarium, in fresh water, and did not need air! I know I am most likely wasting my time here, writing to you, because the DOLLAR speaks more than life itself, evidently, no matter what form of life it is. But I will plead to you to at least put them in their own tank, with water on one end and sand for land, on the other. ALSO, when I went back, I noticed, there was no evidence of ANY FOOD OR NOURISHMENT! Why, I would presume, my little guys were starving when I got them home! I have ALWAYS FELT SO SORRY for the Beta fish, from what I can tell, they are never fed either. I wouldn't hesitate to say, none of your fish are fed while in your stores. (?) Right? There is PLENTY OF INFORMATION on the little Fiddler Crabs on the internet...so if your poor unsuspecting consumers, like myself...purchase them, the least Wal-Mart can do is advise your customers to research them. No life, big or little, deserves to die, especially because of ABUSE, and YES WAL-MART, this is ABUSE! Signed, Rebecca L. Welter, McKinney, TX.

  • By B. Butler - Posted on: April 17, 2013

    On Sunday, April 14, 2013, my husband and I went to Walmart located at 19301 Cantrell Rd, Little Rock AR 72223. The shelves were empty of numerous items, few checkers were working and the bathrooms were so bad that a 'country outhouse' would have looked immaculate compared to the womens bathroom located at the front of the store."Disgusting and DEFINITELY unsanitary"! For a year or more, we have overlooked the overcharges, the near empty shelves and not enough personnel to provide help when called to a specific department, but this was the straw that broke the camels back. Walmart administrators need to pay attention to what is being written in the newspapers because it is most accurate.

  • By Albert Purser - Posted on: February 26, 2013

    I have been purchasing Straight Talk phones since last year from the Sikeston, Mo store, and have had problems out of every Straight Talk phones within 2-3 weeks of use. I would like to advise all customers to avoid all Straight Talk phones because they are worthless, it does not matter what model you choose from with Straight Talk I gaurantee you will have problems with any Straight Talk model you choose from.

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