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4000 Union Pacific Ave. Commerce, CA 90023
Phone: (323)980-8145
Website: www.99only.com
The 3 Week Diet

Company Overview

99 Cents Only Stores is the nation�s oldest chain of single priced retailer, founded by David Gold in 1982. The headquarters is at Commerce, California, USA. There are 275 stores in USA, with 206 operating in Southern California and 12 in Nevada, 25 in Arizona and 32 in Texas. All the items sold in this store costs 0.99 Cents or less. The company also indulges in bargaining and wholesale to retailers across United States and exports over to 15 countries. The company categorizes its product as Food and Grocery, Household and House wares, Health and Beauty care, Hardware, Stationery and Party, Seasonal and Others.

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  • By Danny - Posted on: August 19, 2013

    I have purchased bottles of Sunny Delight in plastic containers at a 99 Cents only store in Carmichael California and the cashiers charge me ten cents deposit or CRV for each bottle, but each container is marked Five cents. Does this indicate the 99 Cents only store is over charging customer twice the price of the deposit?

  • By Steven West - Posted on: July 9, 2013

    I was in your store on Harbor Blvd. To buy a few things and a gift card... At the point of leaving the store I misplaced my wallet. To get help from the store manager I had to call the police. They would not let me see footage of being in line. Where my wallet may have dropped and or stolen. They would not trace a number to reference the 99 cent Store Card I bought for 9.99. They store manager said I was out of luck, because they don't check the cards when they are used or numbered when they are sold. Whomever stole my wallet will eventually use the card I purchased. I have police report filed with Costa Mesa Police Dept. HOW CAN YOU HELP ME??? stevengwest@roadrunner.com

  • By mc - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    On 6/4/13 I went to the Tidwell location where a guy with a name tag of James was incharge. I am not a picky or customer that complains unless someone is rude such as in this case. I bought $50 worth of products & after check out, I saw that I had been charged $.99 ea. for Ocean Spray Diet 32oz.Juice that had a big taped $.59 price label underneath the products. When I started telling him about the discrepancy, he quickly cut my sentence short by interrupting me stating "WE DON'T DO PRICE MATCHING ON MISPRICED ITEMS". I just said OK, I want to re (before I could finish saying return) took the receipt, gave me my refund all the while complaining that's what they had talked earlier that morning.

  • By C.Spyier - Posted on: March 5, 2013

    the manager at this store is uncaring,rude and has HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE A lady fell down at her store last week and this mgr. did not even have the compassion to ask if she was alright.She simply made reference to the womans shoes.I will never go to the La Puente store on Hacienda Blvd. and will tell everyone I know not to.Its shameful to treat people this way and being that there are to local Dollar Tree stores I will go there instead. This customer was treated poorly and already embarrased,not once did she show concern.

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