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6601 Shingle Creek Parkway Minneapolis, MN 55430
Phone: (763)561-7220

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Abra, Inc. is a private owned company. Corporate headquarters of the company is located in the region of Minneapolis. They are a reputed company dealing with repairing auto glass and auto body paint and dent repairing that takes place due to any accident. They came into existence in 1984. The company's initial office was set up in the region of Fridley, in Minnesota. They are equipped with latest technology that helps in effective repairing of cars damaged in major or minor collision. They guarantee repairing every kind of damages caused to cars due to collision, with the help of certified technicians.

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  • By Tom S - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    They worked on my car to repair it from an accident in North Carolina. Before I got it back, after they said the had it done, the backed one of their trucks into the front end of my car. I had to get another rental, which they agreed to pay for, but just the basic rental. I stopped by when they were supposed to have it done and they said wrong parts were sent (front end of car). They had to re-order. But said leave rental with them so they did not have to pay for it and my SUV was drivable in the meantime. Two weeks later still no word. Called again. Said they still do not have it fixed and will call me as soon as it is. They are probably looking for part in junk yard somewhere they can fix up to put on. That was first of June. It is now end of July. Two months. I am telling insurance company to not use them any more. I had to get another company to get the rest of glass off of floor are crevices. I kept cutting my finger when I would reach for things in floor and seat pockets.

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