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123 S. Front St. Memphis, TN 38103
Phone: (901)495-6500

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AutoZone is the largest distributor and retailer of automobile spare parts and other related accessories of automobiles. It is based in the region of Memphis, in Tennessee. The stores of AutoZone sell every kind of spare parts for the cars of any make or design. There are over four thousand and five hundred retail stores under this company. The first site of AutoZone store came up in the region of Forest City in Arkansas, in the year 1979. Don Crain became the first manager of the store, which was named Auto Shack. However, AutoZone was originally a segment of wholesale grocer, based in Memphis.

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  • By Breana Ramos - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    I purchased an alternator with a lifetime warranty the part failed and I had to have my vehicle towed. I went to the closest autozone and was given a new alternator which I didnt need anymore because the mechanic shop had already installed a new one. Autozone denied me a refund and told me its out of warranty. I never had a problem with autozone not honoring their lifetime warranty. So I ended up with a new alternator that I dont even need anymore. This was in san bernardino I feel like I was discriminated against because theres no reason why I shouldnt get my money back when the part itself failed. I had to tow my vehicle and pay for yet another alternator which wasnt cheap with labor and tow my total came to $500 I am very dissapointed in the way that the employees are representing the corporation. I feel that the employees. Jay and Reginald at store # 2823 san bernardino acted very unprofessional.

  • By Paycheck - Posted on: September 10, 2020

    i was out of town/state. I needed a part so i called around before heading around to looked. i found a store that had it. When we pulled up the Manger was outsider talking to his friends for a long time. We got out so we can buy the part i needed at the time. the was other employees in the store but they would not help me. the manger came in and asked if he could help. then tell me i had to have my mask on which I already had on. I really did not have to wear one by law. he told me to go stand in over to another part of the store until he felt like helping me. I was not going to wait like I was a child. i am older and should not be treated like a child. i was not ever rude to him or anyone else either. I told him I would not stand in a corner until he felt like getting to me{his paycheck aka his paycheck}. i said have a nice day and left. this store was in Kileem, Texas. I believe the strret was St. Venicent.or it was something like like. remember i do not live there. i was just passing through. i may go back to that area soon but have no plans to return to that store. the other stores in the area were just fine.

  • By Daniel - Posted on: September 10, 2020

    Bought a socket at the Casa Grande Auto Zone and screwed up got the wrong size took it back to exchange it. There was one older gentalman standing in the line for parts look up I walked to the register to get my money back on the socket. There were no employees to be found. After about 4 min a female manager came out from the back I thought she would help one of us instead she got on the phone and made a call. After watching her on hold for 5 min another guy walked up that was carrying various items he set them on the counter. Now the female manager was talking on the phone and a red shirt walked up to help me at the register but the other guy that was standing in line spoke up and said whats the deal i've been standing here for 15 min so the red shirt walked away from me and over to help him. Not to long after that the female manager ended her phone call. She new the man that walked up and put his items on the counter and started to ring him up I asked if you have to be a friend to get waited on she said she had been helping him. Seems odd you come in say hi go walk around getting items then just walk to the front and get taken care of. I told her I was going to contact the DM she said good do you want the number. I used to be a manager at autozone and I would never treat a customer like that!! PS I went to napa and was in and out in 2 min!

  • By Irina - Posted on: August 10, 2013

    Had the worst experience talking on the phone with manager Michelle Reed (store 4970). She just didn't care- her salary doesn't depend on customer satisfaction. I out comment on Twitter and will post on Facebook - people should know about bad service and go somewhere else. If we leave, you will have to improve. Or go out of business

  • By Anonymous - Posted on: October 29, 2014

    We called to see if our alternator was ready for pickup and they confirmed that it was. Before my husband could even get to the store to pick it up (which wasn't even thirty minutes later) they had given our part to the wrong individual.

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