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PO Box 601119 Dallas, TX 75360
Phone: (888)863-8768

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A service provider of mobile phone in America, erstwhile General Wireless, Inc., is presently known as MetroPCS Communications, Inc. They are the fifth largest operator providing service with network of mobile telecommunications in the United States. More than 9.5 million customers have subscribed to their services. Headquarter of MetroPCS is located in the region of Richardson, in Texas. They are known to use the technology of CDMA for offering various services. Presently, they are providing the service of 4G network by using LTE technology. General Wireless, Inc was founded by Malcolm Lorang and Roger D. Linquist, in 1994, which was later rechristened as MetroPCS Communications, Inc.

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  • By Sonia Lopez - Posted on: September 19, 2013

    We are unable to utilize are phone inside our house due to a tower issue in our zip. It has been a week now and still no usage in the house. Spoke to customer service 6 times and nobody was able to assist, but only credit 5.00 for the trouble. Walk in office is aware of the problem, but did say they would do a ticket to the office and stated they will get a respond back in two too three days. I spoke to customer service #Tasha 84580 who was vary helpful. She assisted the problem and did an actual ticket since there was not one done, say the other office. My frustration is that it took six service calls and four office visits to get a ticket created. With those six calls and four visits nothing was case commented except my credit of 5.00. Again there has been no accommodation for a service that we are paying for that we cant use. So it is obvious that Metro PC does not want to take accountable since there is no contact number but customer service. Director has no CEO of Roger Linquist, CFO Braxton Carter or COO Thomas Keys the Texas number transfers you to customer service there is no corp connection. Sadly to say that this company has no pride to make sure that there is customer service to all there clients. If they were an efficient the would of took care of the issue the first visit or call. So Metro PC if you are okay with employees representing you company that push away you customers that is sad to say you have no morals. I only give credit and who all the customer service should follow and be trained by is Tasha #84580. I know the problem is yet to be fix, but its a start thanks Tasha.

  • By Gilbert Alvarez - Posted on: September 16, 2013

    I bought into the service September 14,2013. I tried to add my wife, and daughter the next day. The in-store employee said that I could add my daughter and wife for only $90 a month. Then 20 minutes into the deal he says it would be $120 a month. I said I could not agree to it because that was not what he said 20 minutes ago and that is not what the promotion said. Now its Monday the 16th of September and I find that I owe $78.67 due on Oct 13,2013 and I received an earlier email stating I have to make a payment of $105. What kind of a deal is that? I tried contacting customer service to get some answers and they will not listen. So that is my story. Hope you have a better one. Because I will be contacting an attorney and the better business bureau.

  • By Gloria Cummings - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    I made a complaint 8/8/2013 about a MetroPCS Dealership taring up my reciept that I had paid for the month .now its going into Sept, 2013 and no follow up call . I know they are busy . I am busy too working to pay my Metro bill. I want a call back and the $119.00 refund from MetroPCS

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