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1717 Elm Hill Pike, Ste. A-1 Nashville, TN 37210
Phone: (615)231-2537

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Captain Ds is one of the most popular seafood restaurants. It is a well-known destination for affordable seafood. Captain Ds professes to enjoy serving the people at a better price and adding and varying the menu according to the season. Enriched by over 40 years of experience, they have perfected their recipe for success. Tastes of summer include Catfish and 6-piece shrimp meal, or 2-poece fish tenders and 5-piece Butterfly shrimp meal with dipping Ds sauce. A typical meal on offer, called The Sampler, consists of 1 Piece of classic Batter-Dipped Fish, 2 Chicken Tenders and 3 Butterfly Shrimp. Other seafood special courses are 15 PC Butterfly Shrimp Meal, 2 PC catfish Meal, and Grilled White Shrimp skewer Meal. Great food and better service are the hallmarks at Captain Ds.

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  • By Matt Rendino - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    You should open Captain D's up here in New Jersey. Been to one inn Nashville and loved it. Seafood restaurants here are way overrated and over priced. Please consider opening in the northeast ???

  • By danny - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    i have a problem with captain d advertisement shows a great plate on the pictures but when you get the plate looks noting like the advertisment. this is very bad to expect what you see in the picture and get a plate no where like the pictures. i got the catfish and shrimp plate 6 shrimp. the servings was awful small. the shrimp looked like popcorn shrimp and it was cold i ate in talladega al 35160 i know this want do any good but you got my 2 cents worth for what it is worth no more for me.

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