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5200 Buffington Road Atlanta, GA 30349
Phone: (404)765-8000

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Chick fil A is an American chain of restaurants for fast food headquartered in the Atlanta commune of College Park, Georgia, well known for chicken sandwiches. It was brought into being in 1946, has been allied with the Southern United States, where it has turn out to be a cultural emblem. From November 2012, Chick fil A has 1,679 bistros in 38 American states and the District of Columbia, and is aiming future expansion in the American Midwest and Southern California. The business culture is greatly prejudiced by the Christian beliefs of its founder, including resistance to same-sex nuptials and right wing political activism.

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  • By Nancy - Posted on: June 15, 2013

    Great chicken sandwich and waffle fries! Tremendous example to the fast food industry of continuous high quality. I admire the character of the owner of this chain who stands up for what he believes and closes on Sundays ---the Lord's Day! I once enjoyed the carrot salad as well---so much so that I sometimes stopped just to pick up the large size as a side dish for my lunch or supper at home. I greatly miss having this choice in the restaurants in Cincinnati, Ohio and urge you to consider restoring it to your menu. It's absence is the reason I only gave you a 4 star rating!

  • By pat - Posted on: April 4, 2013

    My sun did not shine this morning. I went to Chick Fil A right off the express way at 85 North Druid Hills Road and whoever that man they had in the drive thru this morning, needs to go back to Chick Fil A school 101 in customer service. I got my food in a timely manner, but I am so use to getting the best service in the land at Chick Fil A, this his non smile and non chalent attitude, just killed my morning! Everyone knows that Chick Fil A is the BEST in customer service. When people say, My pleasure, we know they stole the phrase from Chick Fil A so when you get a person like I had this morning, it is just a bummer. Please Chick Fil A don't do like the rest of fast food and just get window warmers, please keep getting those who understand your philosophy that a smile and caring attention makes even a cold sandwich warm.

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