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Citibank Corporate Office & Headquarters | New York, NY
Citibank Corporate Office Headquarters

Citibank Corporate Office | Headquarters

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399 Park Ave. New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212)559-1000
Website: www.citigroup.com

Company Overview

One of the major international banks, Citibank offers a number of fiscal services. The bank operates in over 160 countries with over fourteen hundred offices in different location. The headquarters of the bank is located in New York City. Recently the bank has expanded in new locations in some of the metropolitan areas. The financial products and services offered by the bank include typical banking services as well as other protection products such as insurance policies, investment products, and credit cards. It also put forward online services to over fifteen million users. The bank also offer automated banking card to its customers to enable them make transactions without using the passbook.

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Citibank Reviews

There are currently 5 consumer reviews about Citibank available. Share your review.

  • By Roman Terry - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    As financially successful they might garnish 5 stars. But at whose expense? My parents were involved in a reverse mortgage that left us all homeless in the end. It was never revealed why the loan kept changing hands. It would be repackaged with other loans and sold off. In the end there were so many fees and services involved that artificially took a loan of 300k to 550k in a few short years. We then discover that all the companies and banks and players involved work for CIT Group. This is One West Bank, The Citibank, Financial Freedom, etc. If ths isn't organized crime then what is? This should fall under RICO and does though a bank this size never sees prosecution. None the less I am suing this year so more will be revealed. They foreclosed on the house that was once upon a time free and clear of all debt. They had no need for a reverse mortgage at all yet in their late eighties they were given this loan. None of know where the money went though and due to my parents having Alzheimers the banks refused to get on the phone with us. They just took the house plain and simple.

  • By Rob H - Posted on: September 13, 2013

    They company does not care about customers nor do they care about keeping them. After filing cease and desist letter to best buy who also has bad customer service they bought out the cc accounts from them and start calling me.

  • By Michelle - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    My previous employer rolled 401k funds over to Citibank and explained I could simply fill out forms and receive a cashier's check. Its been well over 1 week and I still have not received my savings cashier check. Hold times while staff check on its arrival is 15-20 minutes. If the personal banker that worked with me on this is with a client-there is no interruptions, unlike when I was filling out forms to receive my rollover funds. The Branch does not track the pouches w/ paperwork containing sensitive information-and after requesting site manager to physically call the receiving destination and checking on the possibility of expediency to receive cashier check-he didn't even get the name of the point of contact he provided his personal identifying information to!

  • By Terri Congleton - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    Citi banks processes include sending preliminary bank offers using individual names that are not associated with the addresses they are mailing material to. I have been contacted twice by individuals about this situation and I do not know where they are buying their information from. This has been reported to the Federal Credit and Banking department because of the implications such acts can create. Your organization is using my name and mailing pre-approved orders to an address in Albany, NY. I have never lived in New York and do not appreciate fraudelent processes being conducted in an attempt to locate individuals. This is a criminal offense and has been reported to every level I can contact. You are to remove my name immediately from every direct mailing list you have and are not to tie it too any ficticous address as you are doing currently.

  • By Christopher L, Heinen - Posted on: June 19, 2013

    this institution sucks ass!! i have been in re-modification for 2 years and you may ask why? so they can collect fines and penalties for late payments. They have no desire to help you, they just want your money. If your mortgage is with citi, then refinance with someone else!!!!!!!

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