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2007 West 15th Street Washington, NC 27516
Phone: (252)940-0977

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CitiFinancial is a personal credit institution company based in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1912 then known as Commercial Credit. In the year 1986, the former CEO of Citigroup, Sandy Well, bought it and CitiFinancial became one of the major subsidiaries of the Citigroup. The company specializes in offering both unsecured and secured personal loans for improvement of homes, consolidation of debt, unexpected expenses such as medical bills or car repairs and even vacations. It also refinances loan and writes mortgage and home equity. The company has over 1000 locations in America alone.

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  • By Steve Riggle - Posted on: May 28, 2013

    This is the worst company i have ever done business with, Have been trying to pay off an account for almost a month. Every time i get a quote to pay it off the amount changes, I call them back and they need more money. They will not give you contact number for a corporate office. I hope other people have had better luck with them than i have.

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