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6307 Carpinteria Ave.,Ste. A Carpinteria, CA 93013
Phone: (805)745-7500

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CKE Restaurants, Inc., serves as a parent company of Red Burrito, Green Burrito and Carl's Jr., Hardee's restaurant chains across the globe. The company was incorporated by Carl's Jr in 1964. The company developed into a large size gradually after initiating the venture as a lone cart for hot dog. The chain has innumerable subsidiaries and franchises across 28 foreign countries and is also spread across 42 states. THL Partners finally gave their consent to acquire the restaurant chain in 2010. However, CKE got the deal and accepted $693.9 million from Apollo Management, taking over the earlier deal made by THL Partners.

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  • By Kimberly O - Posted on: September 19, 2020

    Worst experience of my life! The manager is rude and should not be in a managing any living person or animal. He had me wait 10minutes for 2 fresh biscuits to give me room temperature not fresh biscuits. When I requested a refund he refused. He called the cops and said i attacked him and he was afraid for his life. It was UNBELIEVABLE! 3 police vehicles showed up to tell me that he #1 refuse to give me a refund #2 refuse to give me fresh food (which I didn’t want at this point) and #3 I can never come back to the store (which I would never). All over $4 and two biscuits, this man has escalated a small situation, lied making a false 911 report, caused me so much emotional damage, and lost a valuable customer. Did I say that he was the General Manager and his name is David. I feel so sorry for the employees that work under him.

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