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999 Lake Dr. Issaquah, WA 98027
Phone: (425)313-8100

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Costco, a warehouse membership club, provides wider range of merchandise products. It is one of the largest chains of warehouse club, providing membership to the citizens of the United States. The company chain has it's headquarter at Issaquah in Washington. However, it was founded in the year 1983 in Kirkland, by Jeffrey Brotman and James Sinegal. The company bears the record of becoming the first ever organization that grew from zero to a hoping sales of three billion, in merely six years. The first warehouse of the company was set up near Seattle. Costco even has it's locations in the countries of Taiwan, Mexico, Japan, Canada and others.

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  • By Carolyn - Posted on: September 23, 2020

    Employee in Columbia SC. William is a front end employee and is very nice and does everything to help customers. Good employee

  • By Pat Banister - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    We live in Green Valley Az. We shop in Tucson Az. We have been to all stores. We almost always shop at the store off Interstate 10. Sometimes we shop at your store off of Thorneydale in Tucson. They have the worst customer service of any Costco we have ever been to. Employees walk up and down the isles complaining about the working conditions where they work. This hasn't happened once, but every time we are there. The employees are so stressed out, and take it out on customers. This doesn't just happen to us. It is happening to folks all through the store. We have shopping in the area for 12 yrs so it has been a problem for some time. On our way out I asked for the tire center to please check my tire pressure, I stood there for almost 10 minutes and had to listen to some gang rap music singing about capping cops and a lot of other nonsense. The man who finally did help us did not realize we were out there when to others did that were just singing to the music. He was polite, the one who helped us. Most employees we encounter there just seem so paranoid and miserable. Baring an emergency we will never go there again. Stuff roles down hill, so obviously this is coming from the top of Management. Hope you can bring some resolve to the misery at this store. Costco has a Better reputation than this.

  • By Harold Simons - Posted on: September 16, 2020

    my wife and I in the central point Oregon store social distancing laws were not being enforced . did the best I could but when I got to the register my stuff was on the belt the next guy came up and started loading his stuff on the belt right next to mine pushing my wife out of the way . the cashier did not do or say anything . I had over $170 worth of stuff I told the cashier he could keep it all got my card and walked out . how about a little respect Costco .

  • By Eleanor Pinder Miami, Fla. - Posted on: September 1, 2013

    I have a good story to tell you regarding my recent purchasing of a lennox c/a system which I purchased from Castco in North Miami, Fl. I will spare you the details & give you the facts.. Thursday of last week my a/c 20 year old lennox died.I had picked up information at a lennox display in costco recently. My own service man could not come to my home for 4/5 days, the temperature in my home was 92.on Friday. I called the young man on Friday, he had a service man out on Saturday (who told me my unit had seen better days) Sunday an estermator was at my home, we agreed to a unit & price, which I put on my American Express card The unit was put in on Monday.I had requested new duct work be put in the attic (duct work was 40 years old) had a slight delay there.However the general manager himself came out on Thursday as a question of price on duct work, The general manager went up in my attic with my son in law & found my duct work was leaking down in to my Florida room.Thank goodness the general manager was a truly nice gentleman, right then & there he called a crew of two men the size of football players, I was in schock that they were going to replace all my duck work. The general manager said he wanted me to be happy & content.After all word of mouth to recommed people who treat the customers right, as the saying goes what goes around comes around. So I do hope costco ceo reads this comment. Woyld I reccomend costco & this company yes I most certainly would, I would like to give this company & their crew a 5 * plus. God Bless America In God I Trust I support the troops

  • By Primo Ramirez - Posted on: August 20, 2013

    Trying to find the opportunity to work in the costco team. as a bakery position. Around North Hollywood Cal. 91606. Please review my resume. I apply like 3 times before. Please following my skills. I can work differents positions. I NEED WORK.- Please e-mail me

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