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9601 S. Meridian Blvd. Englewood, CO 80112
Phone: (303)723-1000

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Dish Network Corporation deals in satellite broadcasting and it puts forward broadcast satellite service, which comprise of audio programming, satellite television, as well as other interactive TV services. It has a huge base of residential and commercial customers in U.S. Founded back in 1996 this company has its headquarters in Meridian, Colorado. Some of the other products that the company offers include pay-per view and pay television. Viewers are free to choose from different service packages that the company offer. The company also operates a number of Blockbuster stores and it also puts forward HDTV channels to its customers in H.264 format.

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  • By RANDOLF - Posted on: September 6, 2013

    your sales people and installation people lied to me and told me i had a trail on Dish net satellite internet. it does not work at my home and you guys refuse to let me out of the contract. im stunned how can this be legal I am stuck payhing $49.00 for 24 months on something that doesnt work

  • By dez - Posted on: August 18, 2013

    they over charge you and their customer service is very bad...shld of never got service with them.....

  • By Dawn Parker - Posted on: July 6, 2013

    I just had a VERY upsetting interaction with your agents over a mistake your company made. They refused to assist me, then "hung up" on me. On my June 21, 2013 statement, The balance due was $2.12, which we paid in full on June 29, yet you turned off our service without any proper notice to us. It is not our fault your company chose to refund my husband's cash payment back to Western Union without notifying us first that there was a problem with that transaction. Please turn our service back on until we get that refund from us through Western Union or until you can mail us a new statement properly showing the unauthorized refund to them on our behalf. We sent you a double payment over a month ago. You had no problem keeping that money before you earned it. Now show us consideration by keeping our service on that we prepaid you in good faith, then again paid you the balance due on our last statement od June 22, 2013. We have never received another statement showing the balance your company is claiming to be due of $85.85 only days after we paid our statement in full.

  • By Erik - Posted on: July 29, 2013

    I spoke to Mike today about my account which has jacked up every few months and now I see how the direct TV war is so crazy with negative commercials and slandering each other. My 2 years is up on Sept 11, 2013 and I am currently writing a letter to The Better Business Bureau and the Base Commander at the Veterans Hospital I've been hospitalized for the past 11 months. I've been taken advantage of and bait and switched and seen sneaky business practices and I am furious and disappointed that I can have this happen to me as a Veteran whom is disabled and struggling to make rent payments to keep my daughter at our apartment. I need to know the name of and address of the CEO for Dish and the Director or Vice President of Customer Relations. Going to be contacting the better business bureau in Fort Worth and local Fox affiliate Fox 4 on Your Side. I've been scammed and ripped off. Regards, Erik A Van Alstyne Texas US Navy Seabee DAV/Vet

  • By Micheael Povey - Posted on: July 2, 2013

    The service from this company is horrible. I would like to cancel my policy. It hasn't even been 30 days and your company wants over $400! Blood suckers! This is an inferior product! How nice to steel peoples money because you have a policy that says you can. Shame on you! I called the corporate # because no one will let you speak with an actual manager. The receptionist doesn't even greet you with--hi this is so and so. They're not allowed to give names. Unbelievable! (We don't want you to know who we are because most of our customers are pissed off at us!)

  • By Richard Zeman - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    Account # 8255909778141538 To Whom: I really hope that a person of authority reads this review. On Dec. 15, 2012, my wife ordered your service. Upon completion, no one informed my wife of the exorbitant penalty( $17.00 per month for the remaining months on contract) for early termination of contract. Since I was in the hospital at the time, I was not informed of this penalty. My wife are both in are 79's and we are on SS with very little else to support us. After being stricken with COPD and diabetes this year, our finances are very limited we had to cut back on household expenses. The Dish Network is one of the pleasures we had to cut. When I terminated the service, I was not informed of any penalty. I followed direction and sent the equipment back to company. Then the next thing I know Dish unilaterally removed approx. $388.00 from our checking account. Now $388.00 may not be much to you, however to us this is a lot on money. I contacted you office twice, both times I was told there was nothing that could be done. I would think a company of your the size and the image you represent would help people in are situation. Your company needs to make money to survive but I do not think it is in good faith to penalize people that have come upon a hardship. I hope this letter comes across a desk of someone who can make a executive decision. Thank you.

  • By Ashley - Posted on: April 1, 2013

    Hello I just recently switched to dish on the 1st of march, I paid 192 dollars and some odd cents on the 1st! Now I am getting shut off today! I called the customer service bc I told the sales rep before I even signed up I can only pay on the third of every month, guess what ?! I'm going to still get shut off! They cannot change billing dates? When I said from the beginning that I could not pay a bill till the third of every month! The customer service supervisor Phillip was very rude and laughed at me. I told him to pull up the recording for QUALITY assurance on the salesman, just so EVERYONE out there knows, Phillip said that they don't record every one of the sales calls, imagine that, and there is NO ONE Above him willing to speak with me! I want something done! It's pretty pathetic that someone can pay that much for installation and then get turned off 28 days later! Phillip needs fired, obviously him sitting on his podeom in front of all the customer service reps( what he quoted) has went to his head, bc ppl like me pay his salary! JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS, PHILLIP SAID NO ONE COULD HELP ME! WHAT A GREAT WAY TO TREAT NEW CUSTOMERS! Direct tv anyone?

  • By Ryan Sasaki - Posted on: March 15, 2013

    I was told that the New CEO read the reviews that customer write. I have sent copies to all the emails or comment or review places I can find in the hopes that the CEO does read them and has an answer for them. These a 2 of the 3 I have written. This is my true story. I have been with Dish for over a total 6 yrs. I do not a have contract for the past 2 yrs. I currently have 2 receivers because we need to be able to record 4 shows. I purchased my own receiver to do this and have a wireless transmitter so my wife can watch shows on my receiver. Then the Hopper comes out, so I call and ask if I can upgrade to the Hopper, they say if I pay the $100 plus, then I can. I say why do NEW customer get the Hopper for free but I have to pay. They say because Mr Sasaki your NOT a NEW Customer. I say, so I have to cancel Dish before I can get the Hopper for free, they say yes. Well I stay with Dish anyway because there really was nothing better. We had Direct in 2007 but didn't like after 1 year and I pay $175 early cancellation fee just to get rid of them and then can back to Dish. On March 11th Cox cable call and has an offer that matches what I have now and I don't have to use the wireless transmitter. First year $61.98 and no contract, I tell them to give me a little time to think about it. I decided to give Dish one more chance, I called and talked to the cancellation department to cancel my service. They asked why and I explained about Cox offer, long story short, she said fine. I said the shut off services on the 16th March 2013, said that it was done. I asked her if anyone from Dish was going to call me after this, she say Mr Sasaki absolutely NOT because I told her in the past thats what they did. Again she say no one would call. So I called Cox and ordered there service to be installed on the 15th March 2013. The very next day a guy named David (2BN) calls and says (long story short) he start offer me all kinds of deals to stay with Dish. I explained what happened earlier, and I was so frustrated that I kept telling no. After sleeping on it my wife and I thought maybe give Dish another short, since the offers sound pretty good since I am on a fixed income. So I got up early this morning and called Dish and asked for account specialist and got Michael (X6U), explained again the story, he couldn't do what David had offered and was going to transfer me to his supervisor. Well that didn't happen because we got disconnected and Michael said they don't have the ability to call out. So, I called Dish again and got account specialist Jen (FNW). Explained the story again, she got her supervisor Nick (BFC) and told the story and he started explaining the offer and we get disconnected. I have been on the phone for over an hour at this time. I called back again and ask for the account specialist Supervisor and get Alexander (HCE) after explaining again the story he says he has to transfer me to his supervisor, I say your not a supervisor, he replies no. I tell him I asked for the supervisor so i would have to explain again. Then I get Julie (L1Y), tell her the story again, this time she ask for my number. Long story short she could NOT do what the original David was offering. I don't know if anyone is going to read this, but I am trying to get this to Corporate office and will make a copy and keep sending until I am happy with the response. At this time I am still getting Cox this Friday, so I hope someone answers before then. Ryan K Sasaki second was a good comment because i thought it was resolved but not. Third letter I am recanting ALL the good stuff I said about the persons working at Dish Network accounting, resolution so called specialist. They are ALL idiots and do not listen to what you say. Over and over and over I repeated the minimum that I needed. To be able the record 2 show in my room and to record 2 shows in my wife's room and that my wife is able to watch what is recorded in my room. Isn't that a simple enough explanation. After going talking to (I hope corporate see this) id 2BN, X6U, FNW, BFC, HCE, L1Y, 91A,11Z, 6FQ, RJ8, 09U, CTR not a single one of these was able to understand the minimum requirements. They ALL had different stories and what that would do for me. At the end I thought I had got what I asked for but I was WRONG. I get the email stating I was getting 1 Hopper and 1 Joey. Now does that meet my minimum requirements? NO NO NO NO so why would I agree to sign a 2 year contract? When 3 days ago I could have gotten Cox cable that did meet the requirements and NO contract and fixed price for $61.98 plus tax. So after getting the email with the wrong equipment, I called corporate office again. This time I got the moron id CTR, that kept repeating himself if you want the 2 Hoppers and a Joey it would cost you more. I said to this guy then why was the last person (which I thought got it right but didn't) going to give me that setup. He put me on hold and went to talk to her id 09U and she told him that I was sure if I need 2 Hoppers. Again IF I NEEDED 2 HOPPERS. This guy also kept telling me that I would have to pay additional fees if I want 2 Hoppers. I had to have this guy go back 5 other employees notes to see what I was offered. Then he changed what my total bill would be for the next 12 months. At the end I DID NOT get the minimum requirements but now have a 2 year contract. For anyone reading this. NEVER AGREE TO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU HAVE IT IN WRITING THAT YOU WILL BE GETTING EXACTLY WHAT WAS PROMISED BY THEM IN AN EMAIL ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN USE IN COURT. Ryan Sasaki 702-686-1902

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