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810 DSW Dr. Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: (614)237-7100
Website: www.dsw.com

Company Overview

DSW is an acronym for Designer Shoe Warehouse, which sells varied footwear collections for stylish kids, men and women. The company initiated in the year 1969 and then it was called Shonac Corporation. Before public offering, the name was changed to DSW Inc. They started their first outlet in July 1991 and now operate more than 360 stores both offline and online in nearly 40 states of America. Besides selling more than 24,000 athlete, casual and dress shoes; it has an assortment of hosiery items, accessories and handbags. It also includes nearly 335 lease departmental stores internally by others. In February, 2011, DSW announced merger with Retail Ventures.

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  • By Nan - Posted on: September 13, 2020

    First let me say,great merchandise. Proud to say I have been a VIP customer for years.Why does such a profitable corporation hire individuals from another country who have 0 customer service for Americans. 1.Placed on hold for 40 minutes because he had to "Ask his Supervisor regarding every question I had.I couldn't take the wait,lack of respect and language barrier. 2.I had to have this issue resolved.So,I called agin.(Big mistake)This person would respond to my questions,with what it seemed like total ignorance. I had to inconvenience myself (and I am Disabled)and drive an extremely long distance to the says DSW store and take care of the return in person.So disappointed in this Corporation.

  • By Terra - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    Horrible customer service. Told my husband he was special and should go shop somewhere else. I asked for help and the customer service rep looked so annoyed and when I asked for her help on finding my husbands correct size she rolled her eyes and said we don't carry his size. No smile no friendliness and a bad attitude.

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