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130 Royall Street Canton, MA 02021
Phone: (781)737-3000
Website: www.dunkinbrands.com

Company Overview

Dunkin' Donuts is an American fast food chain company, based in the region of Canton in Massachusetts. They mainly deal with doughnuts and coffee varieties. Originally, William Rosenberg founded the company, in the year 1950. First store of the company chain was set up at Quincy, in Massachusetts and their headquarter is located in Canton. The headquarter of the doughnut and beverage company was shifted from Quincy to Canton, in the year 2004. Dunkin' Donuts inaugurated the company's first ever 'green store' at the region of St. Petersburg, in Florida, in the year 2008. Dunkin' Donuts achieved a global sales record of six billion dollars in the year 2010.

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  • By Sandra Martins - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    Good afternoon, I was at the DD on 2095 Acushnet Ave today 09-117-2013 in New Bedford this afternoon when I saw the ownwer who loves to yell and have tamtrums and it made one of her her worker cry. It is so uncalled for and so counterproductive. It reminds me of a toddler having a temper tantrum to get their way. Also she said she would fired the girl because she was talking, but what got my attention is that she only yelled at the little Brazilian girl, and I asked one of the employees and they said that the manager hates the little Brazilian and she treats her that way all the time, also she is Always bullying and harrassment her employees. Something has to be done. The Corporation should talk with the employees this cant happen at all. shareflag Reply

  • By Anne - Posted on: September 11, 2020

    yesterday stopped at Dunkin Donuts on Boston Rd in Springfield Ma. ordered to 2 boston cream and 2 frosted..Got to where I was going and saw all 4 of my donuts upside down in the bag..Not Good!

  • By Tricia - Posted on: August 21, 2013

    The small Dunkin Donuts that is inside the gas station on Harrison Boulevard in Avon near Christmas Tree Shop is the best Danny is the manager and he is (in my opinion) the best customer service person at a Dunkin Donuts I have met. He is always professional and the area is always stocked to perfection and the neatest and cleanest I have ever seen. Danny should be in one of the bigger Dunkin Donuts or a new one...I think he shines as an example of excellent Customer Service and professionalism.

  • By Jose - Posted on: August 18, 2013

    1505 E. Fowler Ave., Tampa, FL Manager not on the ball. Not friendly, slow and hard to understand. Store just opened and not impressed with customer service of manager or logistic being implemented. Line around building and people in line, only one register manned while manager looks around clueless. What happened to friendly and welcoming style of business?

  • By Bob jonhson - Posted on: May 1, 2013

    the dunkin donuts in Dedham on bussy st is run poorly and is very dirty they have ants and flys in the store. they do not throw old food away they change the stickers and re-use yesterdays baked good.

  • By anonymous - Posted on: March 18, 2013

    hi I'm informing you that the Dunkin donuts that's downtown Bridgeport 979 main street Bridgeport ct 06604 in not clean i use to go there before and i use to eat from there until i got hired and fired now and the only reason why i'm e-mailing you because this woman name Barbara Bowman fired me for no reasoni was taught how to prep i was not train the right way i train my self i went through a whole box of gloves a nite and i wash and dry my hands then put gloves on. i also learn how to bake on my own. far as the owner she don't use gloves and she don't wash her and boyfriend will come from the bathroom and touch the blueberry muffins i took right out of the oven her workers will come and grab the broom and mop and see a customer come in and they will help the customer without washing their hands. and when she had the inspection she told me to change the dates so the guy Tony come he will pass them on it and i look at her said ok but i take the old food and toss them when he not looking and one time i drop a frozen muffin on the floor and i pick it up and threw it away and she i was wasting food and could of put that back the pan they prep there food without gloves this happens only in the back and been one time was in the back and one workers i work with and i watch her use one glove to make a customer sandwich and they didn't wanted. the creamers and milk machine they clean them but after while they start to smell due to sitting all day and they put duck tape over the temp window so you can't see the reading some remove it and then some one color in the temp window with sharp marker. and when it's time for temps to be done in the log book they don't record in the book they write in without testing temp one day i work sunday the veggie eggs i prep on sunday and wed was the due date so went back to work those eggs were still there in the sandwich station a whole week in a half you know glue look elmer's glue it was white and creamy and sticky one of the girls show me so i count them and log them in the book and i told the owner still had them being use. now as far me getting sick i have got sick since i started working there and i have not in five years until i work there i have proof i have medical papers i ate something and got sick and the is not good in the freezer there were some muffins that were frozen and freezer burn and molded and she still had them use this when i was off and she had a box of waffle in there for over a year she's worrying about points and i was making the pumpkin muffins and it was the hold box of toping that was not open but have been sitting it had magnets and fested eggs in them i told her nephew and i took pictures and text him and said ok when he came in he look and said you can cook them they will burn off. it been time her nephew will come and and touch the doughnuts and don't have gloves and work on cars. sometimes they come in smelling like cat liter and dog. disgusted. and when i was there at night use to see mice come out and go back under the sandwich station there's a hold under sink by the sandwich station and they will come out at night i work at nite one time one came out and i had to make a noise so the customer didn't see. then the man came in to spray for roaches and he put some brown stuff in straws from the store and put them all over the store even in the doughnut case and when they do the finishing the owner don't use gloves (frost doughnuts) lets not speak about the bathroom when customers use the bathroom the toilet will flush then come up from floor sewer into the lobby and i told her and she told me to tell paul that's her nephew him and his wife from working cause she did them wrong. and there's hand sanitizer in the lobby for the customers and one in the kitchen and the one in the back is the one thats always full the workers or the owner uses it but one up front because the customers use it. the sanitizer in the sink the workers use that to wash they hands in and thats for the dishes. im just reporting because i wouldn't want any one to get sick due to this place unsanitizer place there is not being toss when its suppose to only dates being change. you have see for yourself one thanks

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