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2141 Northwest 25th Avenue Portland, OR 97210
Phone: (503)228-2141

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ESCO Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers and global developers of engineered wear and replacement products that are used in oil and gas, infrastructure, resource mining and other industrial applications. Some of the wear parts manufactured by the ESCO Corporation include ground engineered tools such as crusher parts, scrap recycling hammers, mechanically attached tooth systems and dragline rigging. ESCO Corporation operations are global and its presence is felt in every continent having a very wide network of sales and distribution facilities and manufacturing facilities. The corporate offices are located in Portland, Oregon, United States.

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  • By Holly Hicks - Posted on: May 10, 2013

    Charles C.F. Swigert would be ashamed of the way ESCO Corporation President Calvin Collins has turned this company into a corporation that places no value on its employees. They use dirty tactics to save money. ESCO choose a scheme to fire large numbers of hard working employees instead of layoffs to save money. My husband worked at ESCO for 39 years and was tossed to the curb like garbage and left with no resources like health insurance and ESCO denied his unemployment benefits. He has heart disease and I have cancer. What type of men put these practices in place?? I hope Robert Blanding, Vice President, Finance helps lead the company back to a place where the company doesn't put the dollar above the well being of their employees. Google Search "ESCO Corporation News" and "Portland’s Worst Polluters, Tar Sands".

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