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600 Corporate Park Dr. St. Louis, MO 63105
Phone: (314)512-5000
Website: www.enterprise.com

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Enterprise Holdings, Inc. owns Enterprise Rent-A-Car and it is a rental car company operating in over 5400 locations with its corporate office in St. Louis Missouri. The company also owns over four hundred airport locations. The main focus of this car rental company is on local market, especially on consumers, who seek replacement car because of an accident or any other issue. The company has been recognized and awarded for its customer satisfaction and efficient service. It offers many different types of vehicles for rent purpose, which include economy vehicles, standard vehicles, and even premium as well as luxury vehicles.

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  • By Steven Heyman - Posted on: September 19, 2020

    On 9.19.2020 I took my car to body shop in Pompano Beach and I noticed that the rental person was not there with a car for me. I did have a reservation, ZXMMPZ, I called to number on my reservation and talk with a person who tole me that he had no cars available and who something came back and was serviced I could get a car. Ofcourse he had no idea of what time this would be happening so I left with my car. BTW it for a reservation lined to me by my insurance company, Progressive, who I can't wait to call on Monday. I guess Seinfeld was right when he told the rental company person: IT'S EASY TO TAKE THE RESERVATION BUT YOU PEOPLE DON'T KNOW HOW TO HONOR THE RESERVATION!

  • By Bryan Driscoll - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    Reserved a vehicle to pick up on a Wed. Went t to pick up and was told there were no vehicles and told they would call me tomorrow. They called next day and again pushed back pick up time. Why in the hell are you reserving vehicles that you do not have

  • By Lonnie Ingram - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    I have tried several times for a car moving job that has opened up in Weatherford, Texas .They always tell me to contact corporate and still no luck . I have a perfect driving record I don' Drink or Smoke .I drive pick up a car and bring one back .Can you please help me go back to work.

  • By vpr - Posted on: September 14, 2020

    September 9, 2020 Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit, As I stated before via phone conversations and emails, I have no intention of paying damages for which I am not responsible. I have received documentation from the National Weather Service that confirms my claim that there was no hail that fell along the IH35, Highway 114 and Highway 287 corridors on the day in question. At no time was the car involved in hail damage while in my possession. I have a question for you. Were any other customers charged for hail damage during this time? Surely, there had to be other Enterprise rentals on IH35 during the time I traveled. I would like documentation on the number of cars damaged, where the rentals were picked up and returned, and times of rentals. I would like the rental history of the vehicle that was rented to me before I had taken possession of it so I can compare it against the weather history of its rental before I received the vehicle. Also, note that a family member I was visiting at the time also had a rental car while their car was in the shop being repaired. Our cars were parked in the same drive at the same time. Their car had not received any hail damage thus supporting my claim that my rental suffered no hail damage while in the Schertz area. I have been an Enterprise customer over the last 30 years. I have had only one claim in the late 90’s when a vehicle I rented for a church convention was vandalized along with other vehicles that were parked at our hotel in Waco. I paid that claim because the damage was incurred while I had possession of the rental. However, this claim is not one I am willing to pay because I am not responsible for the damage because the damage was not received while the vehicle was in my possession. So, Enterprise Rental, I can only surmise that this hail damage claim you have made against me is bogus and is an attempt to get some kind of recompense to make up for losses suffered by Enterprise during the COVID 19 Pandemic crisis -or- to have me pay for damages that were not noticed until after I rented the vehicle. Let me tell you why I feel the latter is true. When the clerk called me to tell me of the damage and possible claim, I asked why the video I took of the car shows no hail damage. She told me that the damage was “very light” and could “hardly be seen.” She stated that being in North Texas they get a lot of cars from Oklahoma and are trained to look for this kind of light hail damage that can hardly be seen. I asked her if that meant that the Schertz office is not trained to look for light hail damage that can hardly be seen. She quickly said that they are all trained to look for hail damage. I told her I was confused by her statement. First she says because of the location of the Wichita Falls office they are trained to look for hail damage that can hardly be seen insinuating that the Schertz office does not receive rentals with this type of damage on a regular basis. Thus, the employee in Schertz missed the damage because it is so light, could barely be seen and was not trained to see this kind of damage. So, I have no intention of paying for damage for which I am not responsible. I should not have to pay for damages I did not cause. I spoke to my insurance company of my concerns and they agreed. That’s why they have not paid the claim.

  • By willey g. dembeck - Posted on: September 14, 2020


  • By John Arbella - Posted on: May 7, 2013

    Rented a car on Monday the 5th of this month, sales management assistant ?? had to pull the car matts out of the car and shake off the dirt and filth off the matts. These cars should not be delivered in this condition !!!!!!! Rental agreement 047463 521kh5 my phone 508-681-8578

  • By carmen deluca - Posted on: May 22, 2013

    on may 8th i reserved a car for may 15th. i was to be picked up at an auto body shop in buckland ma. when i got to the auto body shop the owner told me you had on one to get me.after waiting one and one half hours the gil at the greenfield office had to lock the door to come and get me. now when i was done with the car i called the greenfield office at four thirty friday night and told the gentelmen on the phone the car would be at robs autobody oearly saturday morning, it would be locked and the keys would be on the desk inside.on tuesday afternoon i was called adn asked when i would be done with car.i rent from you quite often and never had anything like this happen thank you for listening carmen deluca

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