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300 6th Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: (412)288-4600

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GNC Corporation is a privately owned company in the US. The company actually works as developer and specializes in using underutilized properties, in developing buildings and in managing event centers as well. Along with these,the authority also operates as sponsors of different entertaining activities like festivals, dance programs, music concerts, etc. The company also offers even marketing and promoting services. Recently the owners have decided to offer souvenir merchandise aids, beverage and foods in the popular Rosebowl Amphitheatre and in many other such music and sport related events. The company has already started with the process to convert the Rosebowl Amphitheatre to an outdoor Amphitheatre that will operate in Winona.

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  • By Mrs.Jerome - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    GNC don't even deserve this star!!! Worst vitamin orders online ever. My husband and I always go to a GNC location but decided to order the $9.99 well that was a big mistake not only our account was on hold or whatever but the products was on Back order and we were never ever told this. GNC have lost some great valued customers cause I would shop for all my family overseas!! Disappointed in your customer service too!!! BAD BUSINESS GNC!!!!

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