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5260 Western Ave. Chevy Chase, MD 20815
Phone: (301)986-3000

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Geico, that stands for Government Employees Insurance Company, is an auto insurance company in Texas. This is a fully owned subsidiary of the parent organization, Berkshire Hathaway. According to 2007 record, the company has offered coverage for more than 13 million vehicles owned by near about 11 million of policyholders. The company writes automobile insurances for private passengers in more than fifty states of the US. What is different about this auto insurance company is that it doesn't sale policies through auto insurance agents. GEICO actually uses a sales model to explain policies directly to customers. At present, approximately 27,000 full time employees work with the organization.

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  • By Gloria Robinette - Posted on: September 16, 2013

    I have never experienced the runaround I have received from geico staff in Fredericksburg, VA office of Geico. Incompetent could never cover the ineptness of geico's staff. they have lost forms, said I never sent forms back that I have filled out and sent 3 or 4 times. Months and months go by and I hear nothing from them. Then they tell me oh, gosh, we need another form. I am 73 years old, was hit while crossing the street with the light by their Insured's car. The police report said he was making a wrongful left turn. My left arm was broken, I am left-handed, I could not perform my job with a law firm where I had been employed for 7 years. AND I GET NOWHERE WITH GEICO EXCEPT ANOTHER FORM NEEDS FILLED OUT THAT I HAVE FILLED OUT AT LEAST 3 TIMES BEFORE. Are these people paid to give the victim the runaround? Should I hire an attorney an go after the policy limits? That is my next step. This happened December 31, 2012.

  • By Carol - Posted on: August 8, 2013

    Rating 1 it is much lower than that....Empire Stat IME company fraud... Acc. Being slammed in the back by a Ford 350 and thrown 2-3 foot, why would someone be in extreme pain.ident 11/18/2012,in extreme pain. Sent me to first IME (EMPIRE STAT) 1/2/2013 they had paid $297 dollars on my claim. Paid me no wages or anything at this time.I called Geico and they said that date was by error.I paid to have increased wages. But to date I have received nothing... Sent me next date 1/12/2013, less than two months after a truck slammed into the rear end of my car. Refused to see me. I would not give them my ss # nor allow them to copy my drivers license. They are not the insurance co, my doctors and all this could be legally put into anyones hands. 3/12/2013 IME wrote I was in extreme body pain. 8 out of 10, Empire Stat said that make no sence. Show them huge bulges on my r neck, pain in my face and eyes. The docsaid you do look like your not sleeping. Orth stated he would give his personal info. He hates his person info on the computer, Told chriopractor of the violation of my HIPPA rights with my license put on the desk for all to read, nothing he can do not his staff. 3/20/13 refused all medical care, never paid any wages or expenses. Ms Johnson the supervisor says I didn't want my wages. How many people have you hear that refuse there wages. I have paid all medical bills since 3/20/13 out of my pocket. Called Geico and they refused all help go to NYS INSURANCE DEPARTMENT and gave me the wrong telephone no. IME are companies hired by insurance companies to deny all medical care. They are far from Independent, purchased by your insurance company. Your insurance company that you pay for is or should be there to protect you, but they are not. ALL OF THE PUBLIC NEED TO GET TOGETHER AND SUE ALL IME's. FRAUDS and outright liars. Hope the public sees this, but most people would rather a lawsuit to fighting for there rights. Insurance companies have huge huge staffs of attorney to hurt there clients. Just think of all the people that have been hurt by H Katrina and then to be hurt by SUPER STORM SANDY. We need to force the insurance commissioners to fine this type of abuse. Why should someone have to be refused MEDICAL to get oout of extreme pain..... this is not money in my pockets. I never take off from work, I'm a RN for 30 years and always go to work

  • By carol - Posted on: August 8, 2013

    SUCCESSFULLY SUBMITTED REVIEW, YOUR REVIEW NOW IS QUEUED FOR APPROVAL funny isn't it, they decide what they allow on this site. Don't want the truth about insurance fraud and abuse. Refusing to pay insured medical bills or the wages they pay extra for. IME Empire stat fraudulant company that is paid for by Geico

  • By Erie Pa. - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    Worst Company Service Ever, They will hold your deductible from you even though they have a police report in front of them that I had to supply. As a customer I have had to do all my own leg work to expidite this matter to have my deductible returned to me. long story short they will hold a valued customer up as in my case, instead of returning my funds and investigating the other party at fault as it should be. They are all around the same in price nothing spectacular when shopping for car ins. Having said that it comes down to the service, and how they will treat you. My experience with Geico will advice you to avoid them and take the time to ask how you will be treated and get it in writing if a problem arises with several different companies until you find one you feel comfortable with.

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