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6355 Metrowest Boulevard Suite 180 Orlando, FL 32835
Phone: (407)521-3100
Website: www.hilton.com

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Hilton Grand Vacations Company, LLC is a reputed section of Hilton Worldwide. They are highly recognized as a major hospitality company of the world. They are engaged in marketing, developing and even operating s renowned system of high-quality ownership of vacation resorts in several selected destinations. The company offers exclusive innovative programs for members. They are highly renowned to provide arrangements for leisure travels, exchange offers and even reservation services for over 150,000 members of the club. The company also offer extensive and comprehensive services related to on-site management of Club Resorts, which even include owner rental program operation, retail outlets and even recreational programs of resorts.

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  • By Mrs. R. Siano - Posted on: July 31, 2013

    We had a stay at Sunset Cove (Holiday Inn property) in Marco Island on June 29, 2013 for a weeks stay. Many complaints and called right after we returned and was told to send all info to the enclosed email.I have addressed this to them at: input@hgvc.com..... for a total of three times (as of today) with NO response. This was a vacation that I had been looking forward to and took my daughter and her family with us. We had not been to Marco Island for many years as we have moved further north. We truly were looking forward to a wonderful stay only to be totally disappointed. Don't know how much more clearly I could put this.....check the email at I have sent to "input". And I as an owner for many years, am really disappointed in the way this is being handled. Surely, if I wanted to go to a Holiday Inn property I would have joined Holiday Inn membership.This is not what I expected of Hilton......

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