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8700 State Line Rd.,Ste. 100 Leawood, KS 66206
Phone: (913)901-2500
Website: www.houlihans.com

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Houlihan's Restaurant Group, Inc operates and franchises bars and casual dining restaurants. Originally the company was known as Houlihan's Old Place as it had been situated near area of Houlihan's clothing store, initially. In 1972, Gilbert-Robinson (a restaurant firm) opened the first Houlihan's restaurant. It has 82 restaurants presently in 18 states. 51% shares of the company is owned by a management company. Previously, it had been a subsidiary of Fleet National Bank. It offers varieties in dishes such as steaks, burgers, appetizers, salad and pasta. Its bar and exciting cocktails have bagged several Best of happy hour awards locally.

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  • By Patricia - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    On the 23rd May,at approx 4:30 pm, I was having a drink at the Live Oak Houlihans (off of 1604), and the Manager came to me and rudely asked me to leave, without an explanation. I had place a complaint 5-6 months ago about one of their servers, and this is a retaliation. I called and left a message for the Manager to call me, w/o avail.

  • By ALEXANDRA AMARAL - Posted on: March 8, 2013

    I went to the restuarant and the manager was rude. i have a peanut allergy and i found a few pieces. i took a picture. the woman laughed however the waiter was understanding. I made he refund me my monney she was arguementive.horrible

  • By Edwrd Eaves - Posted on: March 14, 2013

    Houlihan's Restaurants, Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters 8700 State Line Rd.,Ste. 100LeawoodKS66206 (913) 901-2500 Date: March 13, 2013 Edward Eaves 2625 Cedar Bay Point apt 203 Casselbery, Fl. 32707 (407) 608-0266 NOTICE OF INTENT TO FILE EEOC complaint Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for willful and wonton Race Discrimination; & Denial of opportunity to complete an employment application. Mr. Jeff, My name is Edward Eaves. I am respectfully placing you on notice that an employment discrimination complaint will be filed with either the EEOC or with the Florida Commission on Human Relations for denial of equal opportunity based upon race. On March 13, 2013, I visited your location on East Colonial. I introduced myself to Felix Alvarado manager while he was standing outside. I asked him if he was hiring waiters. I informed Mr. Alvarado that I had experience working in restaurants as a waiter. Mr. Alvarado stated and I quote, “No we are not hiring currently. I just came her in JUNE 2012, and I transferred my employees from that location here to this location whereby, that store closed and that's why I transferred them.” I asked Mr. Alvarado did he have any other positions open? He stated no. I asked him did he have any back kitchen positions and/or dish washer positions. He stated he would ask his back of the house manager because he doesn't have information on such matters. I then asked him may I complete an application. He stated he would have to print one out. I entered the restaurant. I waited for fifteen minutes. Mr. Alvarado never brought me an application. I departed the location. On March 13, 2013, at 6:10 pm I called the Colonial location. I asked to speak with a manager. Chelsie a (Host) informed me that they were busy. She asked me what it was I needed. I asked her if they were hiring? She put me on hold and went to find out. She returned and stated that management stated they were seeking ONLY, applicants with experience of two years. (Note, I never told Mr. Alvarado upon meeting him how many years I had. Regardless, if I did or not, and I did not, he told me he was not hiring waiters because he just transferred several from another location which he was a manager which closed down). Moreover, its discriminatory to inform anyone that you need two years experience as a waiter. Thus, this is another form of discrimination. Disparate practice in employment qualification is the issue here. I'M SURE EEOC WILL UNCOVER THIS UPON CONDUCTING AN INVESTIGATION FOR THE PAST TWO YEARS.!!!! On March 13, 2013, at 6:16 pm I called back again. I asked Chelsie if they had any applications. She stated yes. On March 13, 2013, at 6:25 pm I called Chelsie again and asked can she confirm who was it that told her Houlihan's was hiring. Chlesie stated it was Mr. Alvarado restaurant manager whom told her that they were seeking applicants with ONLY two years experience and that he was HIRING. Then she stated by the way both managers are here. I find the discriminatory behavior of your manager profoundly unconscionable. I assure you that the EEOC or the Commission will be made aware of this issue. My only intent was to be afforded the equal opportunity like everyone else whose non minority a chance to work for your company. To verify and authenticate that the statements and conversation were correctly understood and stated by Chlesie, which were in return stated to her by her MANAGER I had two witness listen in on the phone conversation (s) to prove that discrimination did occur and the statement presented on this date and time were accurate and stated by the same person the same person whom sought said information from her Manager Mr. Alvarao. In Closing: Please don't patronize me and say that we don't have these type of policies when its clear on its face to mead two witnesses that Mr. Alvarado discriminates. Cc: Corporate Office Respectfully, Edward Eaves

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