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2727 Paces Ferry Road Suite II-1200 Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770)799-5353

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InTown Suites was founded in the year 1989 comes under the category of hospitality business, but it does work like a hotel, as guests stays for several weeks and it offers apartment type amenities for its guests. The company is based in Atlanta, GA and it has expanded in the last few years. Now, it operates through more than a hundred locations across 29 states in U.S. It puts forward 17, 900 rooms for the guests to rent and it employs more than a thousand workers as well. It has acquired many motel properties and have transformed them into extended-stay facilities.

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  • By Jym Hersan - Posted on: July 26, 2013

    Wow, I don't even know where to start. I am staying at the 1700 OBT InTown Suites, in Orlando. 1. filthy location 2. seedy guest, prostitutes, people wondering around all night knocking on windows, and paraphernalia all over the property. 3. roaches (lots of them) 4. plugs don't work, no door on the bathroom, was here 4 hour (left to do some shopping) and my room door didn't lock. (thank goodness no one was checking door or I would have been out a laptop, Ipad, and various other electronics) Maintenance Crew came and replaced lock immediately. 5. Rude employee's,un-will to help you out and would not allow me to speak with the manager.

  • By anonymous - Posted on: June 6, 2013

    managers here at intown suites hotel on independece blvd there are maybe one or two that do not care about the saftey of their guest because there are times that they talk to them like they are two year old kids. this hotel try to keep all their guest comfortable at all there needs to be a change in mgmt at the independence blvd before one those do things to them because of their mouth and attitude to the peopole living here

  • By Kevin Van Tyle - Posted on: May 5, 2013

    I checked into your Intown Suites,I wanted 3rd floor which manager lied about having,and new he was lying,and I told them I would giving more then a years business to them,but never offered the price on freeway sign of 169.99,you think your company would a appreciate all the business and give best rate for long term customer,and be told truth about rooms available,and like receiving that much business,but no just lies and no honesty,when checking in different guy gave me a 3rd floor key because he saw I requested it,then when coming back down ,the manager said no I don't have any 3rd floor rooms available,it was a bold face lie,and he knew it,I think this practice and not appreciating long term customers will hurt your company in the long run,to bad,I have lots of traveling friends,guess what your name wont be listed for them to stay at.I will be looking here in future to take my long term business out of your company,since you don't appreciate it. 1530 N 50th Ave Phx AZ 85043

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