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823 Donald Ross Rd. Juno Beach, FL 33408
Phone: (561)383-3000
Website: www.tirekingdom.com

Company Overview

TBC retail group owns Tire Kingdom Inc, and it manufactures and distributes tires under private brands, which include specialty tires, farm tires, passenger tires, and even commercial tires. The main brands include Sigma, Vanderbilt, Cordovan, and Multi-Mile. With its headquarters in Juno Beach, Florida, the company operates in over twelve hundred locations across 41 states. There are almost 350 associates working at the headquarters of the company and over four hundred franchised retailers in different places. On a national level, there are over eight thousand associates of the company. The company sells tires in wholesale to both local and international markets.

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  • By Gayla Schwendy - Posted on: September 20, 2013

    I had a flat tire so I went to get the road hazzard warranty for them to replaace the tire. They patched it and it went flat the very next day. They finally got me a new tire. But I also had them change the struts and shocks on my car on my first visit. They charged me $240 for an hour's labor. The next day, I got groceries and opened my trunk to find that my side panels in the trunk were just flopping around because they couldn't fit them back in place and they lost the fasteners! I had my 8 year old grandson get in the trunk. He lined up the panels to fit right and my son in law put nuts on the screws to fasten them. I have fibromyalgia ( a muscle condition with chronic pain) I told the assistant manager that I couldn't change a tire and he laughed at me until I told him I have a muscle condition. After 3 trips back there the problem is still not resolved!

  • By unhappy customer - Posted on: August 16, 2013

    please triple check your paperwork and receipt before leaving any tire kingdom store. You may likely get deceived on what you think that you purchased or were paying for services. If you are deceived, don't worry. The corporate office has absolutely no interest in helping you anyway. They will take the word of high school drop who sells services and products (with an un-tucked shirt) over a college professor and public servant any day. That's the good news! Your concerns are heard, but not taken care of. Try Tires Plus. At least they are honest!

  • By Lucy - Posted on: July 22, 2013

    We recently went to tire Kingdome because we got a nail in our tire they were very nice to deal with I have no complaints about the people that work there but when I was about to pay my bill I noticed that there was a $3.00 fee on the bill when I asked about it they told me it was a fee to put paper down inside of the car so the mechanic wouldn't get anything on my car floor or seat. HELLO I can't believe that they would charge me to do that which should be done for free. When asked about it they said they had no control with it because it is corporate that set this rule WELL SHAME ON YOU CORPORATE FOR TRYING TO NICKLE AND DIME THE CUSTOMER...I WILL SEEK REPAIRS SOME WHERE ELSE FROM NOW ON

  • By Tony Cooper - Posted on: March 6, 2013

    The tire kingdom store in Palmetto went above and beyond to help me, needing a 265/35/22 Nitto Jeff the Manager ordered the tire and had installed the next day so I could continue my trip.

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