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The Long John Silvers¬¬ Inc. is a fast food restaurant based in the United States of America. The brand name is borrowed from one of the main characters in the novel Treasure Island .The Company was a former division of Yum! Brands Inc. which bought it from Yorkshire Global Restaurants which had earlier acquired it after it went bankrupt. Its first restaurant was opened in the year 1969 located in Lexington in Kentucky. It is a private company and a subsidiary of the LJS Partners. Long John Silvers headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky and it specializes in offering seafood as the main dish with other side dishes as French fries corn and coleslaw to its customers.

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  • By Tina - Posted on: September 5, 2013

    Here in Anniston Alabama the manager tried to kick out two vets because they had service dogs and her reason after she was told they were service dogs was "I don't like dogs" This has hit the local papers and people are very angry how our vets are being treated in your place of business. The police were called and she was more than hateful. We will not be visiting your business again until your people are trained on how to treat people. Here is one of the write ups: http://honestanswerradio.com/long-john-silvers-calls-cops-on-service-dog-for-wounded-warriors/

  • By Tish Wilis - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    I had a horrible experience within the last month and I spoke with the manager which was very apologetic and even offered free food for the poor, well no service that we received. I never did even go back and get food she offered, because I thought this would be an isolated incident. However, today 09/22 I visited the store again in South Point, Ohio and I was able to place orders, but this is what transpired. I most always pick up orders for the office as well as myself. The dining room is still closed at this location, so the only option of ordering is in the drive through. You are only allowed to place one order at a time, so if you have multiple orders you have to place order, pay and pickup and then drive back around. I tried to avoid this by calling to place an order and after calling for 15 minutes with no answer, I gave up and started through drive through. I combined all of my orders into 2, so thankfully only had to drive around twice and wait a total of 30 minutes. The first order went smooth and when I voiced to place my second order at the speaker and was ordering grilled shrimp items with one of the employees the another rudely interrupted on speaker and advised that anything grilled would be 15 minute wait. I advised kindly that this would be fine I was ok with waiting. After placing the order I specially ask to make for certain my order was correct. I trusted the honesty and drove off. When I arrived back to my office and my coworkers and I went through the order there were several mistakes with the orders. In total there were 1 coleslaw missing and the one we did we get was soured. There was an order of fries missing from the 8 piece shrimp meal and the shrimp seasoned bowl was not shrimp, but salmon. One of my coworkers that order the shrimp bowl took the receipt with her and went to get items replaced. When she arrived back to the store she states that one of the employees was very rude and argued that I ordered salmon bowl. the receipt clearly said and charged us for the shrimp bowl. I will not be visiting Long John Silvers anytime in the near future, not just due to the orders being incorrect, but most importantly because of the rudeness. I am 100% certain that this store does not have enough employees, however this is when management needs to step up and assist. I believe that if inside dining room opened at the very least for take out orders this would definitely help or if Long John Silver's had an online or phone way to place orders. Just some suggestions for in the future in order to keep customers happy and coming back to your location.

  • By Stephanie A - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    Employees did not have on masks

  • By Lori - Posted on: September 2, 2013

    SUGGESTION: Lower the salt content of your fish batter by at least half. PLEASE!!

  • By Cheryl - Posted on: August 20, 2013

    I visited your store on Graham Rd in Florissant MO today. Dinner time around 6:30ish. I walked in the door, stood at the counter, I noticed a person in the lobby messing around on the tables. The people in the back called out front counter service, still nobody came. Waited a total of about 5 minutes before I started walking out the door, at that time here comes the lady from the lobby saying YOU LEAVING. I SAID YES I AM, NOBODY HAS WAITED ON ME AFTER 5 MINUTES OF STANDING HERE. She shrugged her shoulders as if to say OK Leave. Did not apologize for her not leaving her task in the lobby to wait on her customer. I tried calling the manager but nobody answered the phone. Will never eat there again. VERY BAD SERVICE....

  • By Bill B - Posted on: July 3, 2013

    My wife and mother in law went to Long John Silvers 7/3/13, 7228 Stockton Blvd ,Sacramento , CA (916)-421-4907. Store#31910 They both ordered the BIG CATCHBASKET,@10:24 am pacific time, It's now 5:59pm. They both are sick, vomiting stomach pains head aches, at different houses. I Called the store and talked to the manager(Simargig) She said for me to call back, she had to call her G.M, so I did I called back in 30 Min. I politely ask for her by name, Informing her who I was She said her G.M. would be in the next day. She asked for my phone # I gave it to her with my name, I still have a sample of the fish, my wife told me the fish tasted funny and the water tasted musty, moldy. I went over to my mother in laws house to find her in the bath room vomiting as well, she told me the same thing as my wife did. It hurts to see the people you love SICK.

  • By Janet Allen - Posted on: July 27, 2014

    The Long john silver's in South Boston VA was full of flies that you could not have your food in the restaurant without a fly landing on your food. That is not sanitary and the placed smelled like rotten fish. I left the restaurant unable to enjoy my food totally wasting my money on contaminated food. The health department need to be notified immediately.

  • By Mrs. Linda Pasco - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    We visited store # 3902 in Brandon, Florida 7/1/2013, @ 12:04 pm, today, how on earth can you be out of all your fish specials? Rude young man, when asked what fish did you have, was not a good representative for your company. Advertisements were all over the window pane, for these particular specials. My husband and I do not appreciate this unprofessional behavior. Our ticket # is as following: 31423 3 351 3902

  • By Marty Beeman - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    I just came from ordering 3 dinner's from store #31809 cashier name Arlyn G.ticket#2734 time 5:01 P.M. (It's on the ticket right) at 3535 Altamesa Blvd. ft. worth Tx.;they shorted me a coldslaw and red sauce ! I went over the order 3 times and they still got it wrong ! We eat there 1 or 2 times a week, when I called the store (witch was no answer and busy)there was no answer ! and they weren't Busy. So I'm telling you at the home office ! I know it was just a mistake, But an un nessery one sence we went over the order 3 times ! It should not have happened ! I most likely won't go there again ! that tell's me there is an incontinent order taker !

  • By Edwin orengo - Posted on: June 16, 2013

    Hi am ed. My # 8043023476. I eat at your store all the time and I love the food. But the last time I went I was mad as hell. First the manager was eye balling me like he wanted a date or a fight with me . Am not gay and he not so why did he challang me to a staer down . not onec but two Times. What was that about. And then he put a bunch of scraps in my food and told me that was the way it was done. I order the same food everytime and thats the first time I seen that. I took pictures and I keep the box with the garbage he put in my food. The store is the one in va on midlothian tnpk . I call back he said he was the manager his name was kevin. And he told me to call a person name paul at 18003848226 8965474 was the ext. I hope you call me back.thank you. 804 302 3476.

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