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Meineke Car Care Centers, also referred as mine-a key in short form, is a repair chain franchise for vehicles. Sam Meineke first opened a warehouse distribution in 1971 known as "Meineke Mufflers Shop". After 1972, the company has been a subsidiary of Part Industry Corp and was also a part of a British-owned multifaceted group supplying agricultural and automotive systems and other components. Primarily, the concept had been to provide quality services at discounted rates. Then the company expanded and began offering related products, oil and lube services, brake services, Catalytic converters, strut and shock services. Since 1993, George Foreman continued to be the spokesperson of the company since 1993.

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  • By Shon Thebeau - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    I took my car into shop on Olive and Fee located in St. Louis Mo. Had a pretty good oil leak going on. Left there at lunch stunned. The manager came out to the shop to tell me that block was clacked. They gave me a ride back to work leaving my car there. Woman who gave me ride offered to me get me salvage price for my car and knew someone who sold used cars. Being female believe it or not I know a little something about cars and it just did not set right with me. I called asked them to leave my keys in it in lot. I my business suit I returned after buying more oil. I reconfirm with manage what they said before still thinking bs in my head. Refilled oil. Turned car on ... and started digging. Sure enough few minutes in I see it pumping from oil sending unit. I limp my car across street to Dobbs. Tell guys what I think it is and leave it for the night to get conformation. He calls next day he agrees wants 215 to do it and dye. Nope give him the 30.00 for looking at it buy my 10.00 oil sending unit 10.00 sock limp to far side of lot and again in business suit and heels jump in. Maybe 15 minutes later my car is fixed. So for a chic that knows a little to a shop that should know a lot ... trying to scam me out of my car??? They kept talking at lunch how good of shape it was in. REALLY!! Should be held accountable how many others have they done this to? Thinking about doing more than just this post maybe running advertisement in local paper to find others and file a suite. This single corp. mom is just a little upset with businesses without ethics 314 285 7067

  • By John Kennedy - Posted on: September 16, 2013

    I took GMC truck to Meineke location in Salisbury, MD for a brake job. They used blow torch to remove the rotors and charged me $559.00. They further advised I could sue them if I didn't like the work, but they would not be held liable. Subsequently when a diagnostic light alerted me to a problem, I took my truck to the dealer. They found Meineke has used the wrong tools on the system and had to replace the cv boot and right front wheel hub. This cost me an additional $903. I would not recommend Meineke for ANY type of repair or service. The local management is very unprofessional and the work is horrendous.

  • By Ed Fifer - Posted on: August 16, 2013

    After 1 year, my front end is still not correct and I can't believe the lies anymore. August 2013, front end struts replaced on my'05 Dodge Dakota. Within 2 weeks, getting front end noise when turning in or out of spaces and driveways. Returned a few months late when noise became constant. Told they would replace a supposed "leaking" strut on the passenger side. No issues for several weeks. Problem begins again. Back to the shop 8/15/13. Now told I need tie rods & ball joints that I was NOT told about in April when they were supposed to have corrected the original problem. Mechanic swore that I told them to just replace the strut at April visit. This is a damned lie because I'm not a trained mechanic and do NOT tell others how to do their job. On top of the general incompetence and lack of diagnostic skill, they had my truck all of 8/15,had it on the lift that day,took it down,parked it and never called to explain the diagnosis or ask if I wanted the work done. By 11 AM on 8/16 still no call. I walked to the shop to see for myself what was going on and found it in their lot. I asked when they had looked at it (day before of course) and why they didn't call me. The mechanic just scratched his head and walked away!!!. Grabbed my keys and left, never to return. My son and I have given this shop 4 years worth of business. This shop in the Ahwatukee neighborhood of Phoenix Arizona is incompetent and their customer service skills are in the toilet. I will no longer patronize ANY Meineke locations. I have also submitted this review to several other web sites that shine a light on incompetent auto repair shops.

  • By Doris Loiacono - Posted on: July 8, 2013

    I took my car to Meineke in Mount Efraim New Jersey, boy what a mistake that WAS.They fixed three of the brakes on my car and didnt fix the one that was rusted and seal was damaged on to the tune of $765. One month later when my brakes were grinding even worse than they were before they wanted another $445 to fix my brakes again. I'm still trying to wrap my head around why i would spend more money to fix what wasn't fixed right the first time. I have taken my car to someone else who is now replacing both back brakes and so on. Would I recommend you, not to my worst enemy.

  • By Lynn Norris - Posted on: July 22, 2013

    My sister took her vehicle in to have her air checked they told her that they needed to have a dye test run to see where the leak was. They told her she needed a new blowere motor and her air needed charged she paid 330.00 only to have the air go out the next day she took the car back and they told her she needed a new compressor that was going to cost 900.00. She told me what had happened and I called the manager he said that the compressor was bad i asked him why did he charge her for the dye test and to recharge the ac if the compressor was bad he said well we thought it had a leak but wasnt sure where. After a few minutes of arguing he decided to refund her 100.00 for the dye test. Its a shame that they trid to screw her because she is a female and didnt know any better, THEY SHOULD BE CLOSED DOWN!!!!!

  • By Physically Threatened!!! - Posted on: July 2, 2013

    I recently purchased a groupon for Mieneke in garner, nc. It seemed like a great deal and I really needed an oil change! However, I tried several times to go to this business for an oil change and was pushed out of the door because they were "too busy" (even though they clearly weren't, as there was no one in the waiting area). I made a final attempt today at 1pm after confirming they close at 5pm. Again, he said he was too busy yet no one was there. Additionally, the amount of disrespect I was given was absolutely appalling. I became extremely offended and irate and asked for my money back and his name to which the manager had the audacity to respond, "I ain't giving you a damn thing". As I was walking out of the door, I was stunned and frightened when I heard him say angrily to another employee, "I should kick her f-ng ass." I immediately called the police on him. I also called jiffy lube, crying, and they said they would be more than happy to help me. When I got to jiffy lube, their entire waiting area was full and they still worked on my car with a smile and professionalism 100% of time. With all do respect, Mieneke needs to clean house and revamp their management team. What if he had actually acted on his threat? I am a 5 feet, 125lb female and he was a 300+ male. Corporate needs to open their eyes before this business goes under!!!

  • By pauline - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    I took my car into get an oil change at Meineke on rt 112 in Medford, New York simple right ... They put the wrong oil filter into my car and when I hit a speed bump it cracked the filter (it was almost 2 inches below the oil tank) my engine seized since I work right next door to them I had my car towed to my parking lot. I went into the office and asked the owner to come out side I needed to speak to him..I spoke with respect and told him what happened...He sent the manager to look at my car he took pictures of the oil filter left came back with a book to check the numbers on the filter left came back again and looked again to see what size engine it was ... I had called a few shops around town and asked what size filter I need to have for an oil change I went and purchased that filter ... after a few hours the manager NOT the owner came over and said that they would put a new engine in for me if I one supplied the engine and two gave them a thousand dollars to do so....really ...well need-less to say I will now contacted the corporate office the BBB and anyone else I can think of.I had my car towed to another place for a second opinion so I have it in writing that they screwed up ... Doesn't do me any good at the moment because now I have no car and no means to get another ....

  • By Jane - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    This meineke needs to be checked (397 north Main Street Randolph ma )they took my car and charged me a lot of money to get it fix every time the owner Charles keep telling me a different story about the car ,and even told somebody that he didn't know knew me that he liked the car that he will keep charging me until I leave the car there.after a week of the car being there Charles wants to charge me $300 for storage

  • By reginald diggs - Posted on: June 23, 2013

    your store at 694 e. highland san bernardino california is false advertising transmission service they are proforming a fluid exchange not a service my hole day was ruined because of this please help.PBPSKu

  • By Philip Alvarado - Posted on: May 8, 2013

    I live in Lynn, Massachusetts and like the rest of the people's complaint can't understand why the Meineke Corp. allow what's happening in all of these Service Centers (?), On April 9th 2013 I took my 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser to have a Timing Belt replaced, but told one of the Mgr's to call me before he started, the following week I walked about One Half Mile (@ 73 yrs old)down to the shop and I was told that I had Two bent Valves, I told him I was going to have my car towed back home, at home I checked the car to find that Meineke had removed the Engine and Transmission and other personal items from my car, I filed a complaint with the Mass. Attorney General;s Office, I agree that a Class Action should against Meineke should be started, with their bad reputation, why aren't the cities and towns taking action !

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