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Hwy. 371 N Brainerd, MN 56401
Phone: (218)829-1565

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Mills Fleet Farm was established by Mills family in 1955. It is a family owned retail business operating 32 stores. Its stores range from a small hardware shop to a large store. The store is into 3rd generation of family ownership. They are a full-time service supplier for home, work, recreation and life. It carries wide range of store brands in different departments including apparel, clothing, automotive goods, sporting goods, farm supplies, hunting & fishing equipments, pet supplies, garden supplies and others. Most of its stores have tire center, car wash and convenience store. Even it consists of a distribution center with buying and supporting office in Wisconsin.

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  • By GJP - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    I have had two hand guns on rain check for over 1 1/2 months. The Guns were put on sale when the local store didn't even have them in the store. This is no way to run a business. I understand that companies are trying to get customers in the store but not at the expense of those that are looking at certain products.

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