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Liberty & Second Street Warren, PA 16365
Phone: (814)726-2140

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Northwest Savings Bank was established about 116 years back. It is a community bank focusing on the welfare of the community. From the time of its inception, it has come a long way to establish 166 branches across four states in the country. They even consist of more than 50,000 ATM-s for the benefit of their customers. They offer services in terms of checking, saving, loans and online services for personal banking. For business banking, they offer checking, investment, sweep accounts cash management services, loans and online services. They even offer credit cards for both personal banking as well as business banking.

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  • By R. Fizek - Posted on: August 31, 2013

    If you belong to this bank - take your money out and run! Today we started on a last weekend before school trip to Michigan. Stopped for lunch in Ohio and then at a store in Michigan. Stopped again at a grocery store to buy food and found out our Debi Visa card was declined. Husband's card declined as well on a separated but linked account. Total of 2,000 in combined accounts. HAD TO TURN AOURND AND RETURN TO PITTSBURGH!!! SCRAPE MONEY FROM COIN DRAWER FOR TOLLS AND GOOD FREAKING THING THAT WE HAD 2 GASOLINE GIFT CARDS OR ELSE WE WOULD BE SLEEPING IN THE CAR UNTIL TUESDAY WHEN CUSTOMER SERVICE DECIDES TO COME BACK TO WORK. 6 months ago had 2 fradulent charges on card - London and Japan within minutes of each other - think they shut off the card? Hell no, just called and asked - did you just make these charges in two separate parts of the world at the same time? 20 years at this bank but we're done!!!

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