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480 River Rock Blvd. Murfreesboro, TN 37128
Phone: (615)890-2100
Website: www.oldtimepottery.com

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Old Time Pottery is a renowned chain of home décor stores. The retail chain has near about 30 stores so far across Ohio, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Illinois. Old Time Pottery has an outstanding collection of home décor, floral, house wares, seasonal, linens and rugs, fabric, accessories, jewelry, and purses. Jack Peterson founded old Time Pottery in 1986. It is a family owned business. Scott Peterson serves as the chief executive officer and president of Old Time Pottery since 2010. In the summer of 2013, Old Time Pottery is going to open a new store in West Chicago.

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  • By Lauren - Posted on: June 9, 2013

    I shopped in your Melbourne, Florida store for the first time about a month ago, and I purchased $100 of merchandise. A couple of the silk flowers I bought didn't work out, so I brought them back to exchange for something else. Since I live a distance away, I don't get over to your part of town very often, but I made a special trip to your store last weekend. I selected a full cart of items to buy, but after I waited in line at the customer service counter, I was surprised when the cashier rolled her eyes at my full cart. I gave her my $12 of returns to be credited toward my cart of new purchases (about $200 of new stuff). A smile came over the cashier's face when she announced that I was 2 days overdue from your 30-day policy get a refund. I told her to just credit the return toward my purchases. No big deal, right? The cashier was nasty to me and said there's absolutely no refund or exchange on a 32-day-old purchase. I was shocked!!! No other store has such an inflexible return policy. I had my receipt and a cart full of new purchases. When I nicely questioned this policy the cashier was rude, not polite, and she obviously DELIGHTED in telling me I was stuck with my unwanted merchandise. I felt as if I'd been slapped in the face!!! I left without buying anything. Instead, I went over to HOBBY LOBBY and spent $238. The prices are better & it doesn't look like a warehouse. I was a new customer, unfamiliar with your ridiculously strict return policy that no other store follows! Even with a 30-day policy, was it necessary to try and humiliate me over 2 days? The cashier's behavior was totally unprofessional; as a consumer, I was shocked. It's not like your prices are so cheap that this is necessary, because your prices are quite high compared to your competitors. I know this because I shop weekly for household furnishings like you sell, and you are obviously not a discount store. Yet I was willing to buy items anyway. You should be ashamed of your customer service. In this economy, do you really want to treat paying customers this way? Your cashiers apparently feel free to behave discourteously and I was extremely offended. Do you even train employees in customer service? It's evident that you do NOT care if customers are satisfied! Don't worry, I will never return, and I'll make sure ALL my friends, co-workers, and family know how terribly you treat customers. I realize that if you cared about your customers, I wouldn't have to write this letter reminding you.

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