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1 American Row Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: (860)403-5000

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Phoenix Life Insurance Co, Inc., is an annuity company that is offering innumerable service related to customer's protection and retirement requirements. The company helps to select products managed under high expertise to integrate with various related personal financial requirements. They even develop various innovative solutions meeting retirement needs for various clients. The services address key concerns related to retirement benefits that include longevity risks and also dangers related to market. Their special solution includes the benefit of Stand Alone Living, which guarantee specified income on various investments like in managed accounts and mutual funds. In addition, their annuities offer greater control to plan any viable retirement policy, beforehand.

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  • By Susan Washuta - Posted on: July 17, 2013

    I have a whole life policy for which a $150 draft is taken monthly. This month, they took $!500 dollars out!!!! I am a widow with 3 children and bills WHICH ARE NOW BOUNCING! I was PROMISED that my money would be wired to me by today. I WAS PROMISED. I am desperate. I have not a dime in my checking account, and no one at Phoenix appear to be able to help me. Please know that if I do not receive my money transfer today, that I am going on UTube tonight. Anyone may reach me on my cell phone: 908.451.0914

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