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2845 Hamline Avenue North Saint Paul, MN 55113
Phone: (651)631-6100

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Presbyterian Homes & Services is a reputed non-profit oriented faith-based organization that provides an extensive range of choices related to quality housing, care and related services for adults during their old age. The organization serves more than 12,000 adults across 35 different locations across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. With exclusive service and commendable attitude towards caring for people, the organization has been able to earn high reputation as innovative leader. They take a vital role to promote the idea of vitality, well-being and independence for the people they serve. They offer services like home delivery of meals, home care, management consulting and even senior housing development.

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  • By person - Posted on: June 19, 2013

    TO PHS, REF; SUMMER WOOD 0n 6/17/2013, a resident died as a result of chocking. The first responder Ibrahim J neglected to follow procedures of a first responder ordering second aid to perform all tasks on the emergency; calls to required nurses, 911, paper work…. Bragging that he had no knowledge of occurrence because he didn’t make any calls and had no answers to any questions asked. Has the first responders’ duty/ policy changed? Concerned person

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