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4440 Rosewood Dr. Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: (925)965-4400

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Ross Stores deals in chain of department stores with its headquarters in Pleasanton, California. The company is an off-price retailer and it owns over a thousand Ross stores across twenty-nine different states. The company also owns dd's Discounts, which is another chain of stores that offer furniture and clothing at a price even lower than main stores owned by the company. The company also offers gift cards to its customers to make the products even more affordable. It work straight with the manufacturer to bring attractive discounts and clothing that is in fashion. It makes sure that the merchandise offered in different stores is fresh.

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  • By Tina - Posted on: July 29, 2014

    I was at Ross store on 5353 Almaden Expy, Ste 10, San Jose, CA 95118. This place have by worst bad customer service than any other place. Management was very bad. The store closed at 10:30. They started to announced at 9:45. After 10:00, they announced every 5 minutes. Just as if they wanted to kick out the customer. Dana the cashier was very rude to me as a customer. I put my items on the counter. She started right away yelled at me for not organize all my items before putting it on the counter. She said it is the customer jobs to take out the hangers and organize all items. I asked for the manager, but it doesn't seem like it's helping. So just so you know Yelp has very bad reviews about this particular place with worst customer service. After this experienced, I will think twice about spending my money here at Ross again.

  • By Janet M - Posted on: June 29, 2013

    I would like to inform you that 3425 E. Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107 is involved in fraudulent activity, and I think you should know about this and take ation to stop this. I have witnessed on several occasions how one of the superviors of the store by the name of Angie is purchasing brand name clothes for $2.99 and $3.99 when those clothes are sold in the store for $34.99 and $39.99. I have seen her buy a Michael Core coat for $5.00 which is just unbelievable since you can't find a coat for that price anywhere. This woman has no shame and no fear she see's that people notice what she's doing and she still continues to steal and commit fraud.She needs to be stopped and someone needs to take action to stop her. The store manager is also stealing from the store, she however doesn't even buy the clothing she takes 30 40 clothes inside the fitting room, removes the censors and takes a big bag inside the dressing room and I think it's obvious what she does next. Once my friend and I went into the dressing room and by accident my friend opened the door and we saw how the supervisor of the store, named Angie (goe by Angelica) was putting tags on clothes and on that same day we saw her buying expensive brand name clothes for $3 and $4 dollarS. I have shopped at this particular location for a long time and I could tell you that this woman Angie have been stealing from the store for years. I'm just surprised that she's not in prison because for how long can a person steal and not get caught. I'm just shocked that no one even budders to come and check to see what is going on in this particular store. This is a serious crime and this needs to be stopped

  • By Linda Graves - Posted on: June 15, 2013

    Saturday I was just at the Redwood City, Ca., Ross store. There was at least 50 people in line with only one asst. store manager to check out everyone. No one else was on the floor or available. I tried calling the manager David Fitzsimmons. He does not answer his phone. Called the District manager, John Tymofy, and left a message. Called corporate and they are closed all weekend. This problem needs to be addressed. Very poor business management and certainly not a way to make money.

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