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875 E. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53202
Phone: (414)231-5000

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Roundy's Supermarkets Inc is also referred as "Roundy's" and has been founded in the year 1872. It is the oldest and largest grocery chain in Midwest. It owns as well as operates in 154 retail grocery stores. The supermarket sells over 2,400 label of products and has about 20,000 employees throughout the channel. It has generated annual revenue of about $4 billion. According to 2007 report, it had been ranked 33 in Top 75 North American Food Retailers and is 78th largest retailer in United States. Roundy's operates under names - Rainbow Foods, Mariano's Fresh Market, Metro Market, Pick 'n Save, Ultra Mart Foods and others.

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  • By Mary Roelke - Posted on: September 15, 2013

    I'm writing as I was going to do the feedback survey but I'm denied access as it says I am either an employee or have a relative that is. I am not nor do I have a relative employed with you. Have no idea where you get your information from. Am very disappointed. Mary Roelke

  • By Unhappy Camper - Posted on: September 12, 2013

    Mariano's on Elston Ave, is the worst store in the Mariano's chain. I have been with them since b/4 the doors opened in Sept. 2012. They have nicknamed us"the Ghetto Mariano's" The management at this store is pitiful at best. They have inexperienced White boys, 23 to 25 year olds, who still live in their mothers basements. Some of these dept. managers were pushing carts 8 months ago. We have had at least one major manager overhaul already. Mariano's reminds me of the Catholic Church. Every time a manager has issues at one store they just transfer them around to another with no disciplinary actions.The store has suffered from lack of profit and HIGH turnover rates with employees. Very, Very SAD

  • By Mr. Robert Stern - Posted on: August 10, 2013

    The store on Greenfield Ave. and Moorland that I choose to go to seems to have inadequate levels of personel in just about every department.Perhaps it's the same at other locations. A person watching can tell the employee is plenty busy trying to get the product out but as a result they seem "distracted" at times from seeing the customer who needs to be acknowledged. Do not get me wrong: once the customer is noticed they are cheerfully greeted and serviced. Nowadays everyone is in such a hurry they see one person behind the counter and ask "why" when they are standing waiting with 5 other customers.

  • By CARLA DUNST - Posted on: July 7, 2013

    The only thing about the Columbia Heights store that made me come on line is the fact that their is an abundance of favortism being shown by the store director towards another worker. And also how this seems to have become a problem their are many who think that this service manager Emilly is being shown this sort of attention due to the fact that she has stated many times that can do anything that she wants and the store Director would back and also her playful way she says that she texts him on his private line and has often stated that she is going to move up in the company by any means. If I may suggest maybe your company needs to investigate all the liberties that are being afforded to this employee for all the wrong reasons and start up a secret investigation and only then will the truth come out about this employee and her questionable approach to moving into a full time position and also the discrimatory practices that are being displayed towards other employees as well as customers due to many factors such as age, race, sexual preferences. The Columbia Heights Store located in Minnesota has always been a great place to shop and a few bad apples need not ruin this for the future. Other than a few bad apples and illegal practices the store is a great asset to the community and to all who shop their. The majority of workers who work their are decent hard working people and are a pleasur to see while shopping. But there needs to be an investigation concerning the service manager Emilly and the libeerties that are afforded her on a daily basis

  • By Brenda Barber - Posted on: July 16, 2013

    It has been 13 yrs since I was unfairly dismissed from my job at Pic N Save 409 ..... If you want to know why , get in touch with me at ......

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