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The Home Depot owns a chain of retail outlets offering construction and various home improvement services and products. This company runs big-box set-up stores and it has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the biggest home improvement retailers in U.S. The buildings in which the stores operate is like a big warehouse and different brands are sold in these stores. Some of the main brands that the stores offer include BEHR, G.E, Sur La Table, HDX, Thomasville, Homelite, etc. The main product lineup of the company include building materials, home appliances, plumbing, paint, lumber, garden supplies, etc.

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  • By Dwight Brown - Posted on: September 3, 2013

    Another Vet that is being dishonored by Home depot. Had my cart loaded expecting my Vet discount on holidays only to find Labor Day is no longer a holiday for vets discounts. I mean we have so many days now unlike Lowes that gives the 10% every day and will still take a Ga. drivers ID showing I am a vet and not assuming all vets are dishonest and need several IDs which change weekly. Hope the 4 gallon of paint I had mixed sell well on the oops table since I left the entire cart load of stuff after talking to the manager and finding out cooperate no longer honors vets on Labor Day.

  • By dwight brown - Posted on: September 3, 2013

    Home Depot has a nerve using it support for Vets in their ads while doing away with more and more of their Vet holiday discounts. To be told that Labor Day is no longer a holiday for the 10% veterans discount is a slap in the face of the proud men and women that gave years out of their lives in serviced to their country. Why not honor all vets 365 days a year like your competitor Lowes does, And they don't have an ever changing ID requirement. I was lead to walk away from a cart full of merchandise when I was told Labor Day is not a Veteran holiday anymore. Shame on cooperate rules that dishonor our Vets.

  • By Lynn Il - Posted on: August 7, 2013

    Wow I can't beleive all the bad rap ......We had bought an LG refrig. Had many proublems with it. Home Depot took a firm stand by their word.They Bought it back gave from us and gave us money for a new one. We where very dissappointed with the LG. We talked to a manager named Joe he was outstanding to us.Paulette did all of the paper work. I will be back to Home depot in Elk Grove in Il in a heart beat.We choosed not to by a LG but we bought an other brand. Thank you and I'm giving an Shout To Elkgrove Villiage GREAT JOB AND THANK YOU!

  • By Donald Tatum - Posted on: August 24, 2013

    I was looking too buy a generic generator from store number 1937 in Schererville Indiana and could not get any associate who knew anything about these generators. When I approached the sales person in the hardware department, I was told to see someone at the pro desk. When I went to the pro desk, it was closed at the time. I went beck to let the hardware associate know that it was closed, he said yeah, I know, come back tomorrow. I was so upset with the lack of service, I wanted to speak too a manager. I have never been in a store and asked for a store manager before, Im a really calm person who understands when I cannot be helped, but this was ridiculous! I spoke to a store manager who was EXTREMELY RUDE and led me to believe that she did not want to help me at all. She was very short spoken and did absolutely nothing to help me get the information I seeked about the generator. The managers name was Ruth and she was very un-polite, rude, and unprofessional. At one point during our conversation she mumbled under her breath, "Why do I have to help this customer." At that point I left and will never return to the Schererville Home Depot. Sorry for the negative comment but I have never been treated so bad at any other retail store. I thing that Ruth should find another profession or try to find a way to enjoy her job more. Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my comments about my shopping experience at the Schererville Home Depot.

  • By Joseph Monroe - Posted on: August 16, 2013

    Attn: Upper Management I previously spoke with Jasmine in customer service on the phone & through her email: concerning this issue 18 days ago. She still hasn't got back to me. Ref #52368809 Receipt Details 1261 North Military Highway Norfolk VA 23502 757-461-6197 4615 00019 09167 07/20/2013 06:45pm Cashier Amanda AM350P Total Purchase $1229.12 Auth Code 020592/3197515 I figured that I would touch base with you again. Last we spoke you were going to get back to me concerning the Customer Service issue that still hasn’t been resolved. At this point I’m really frustrated with Home Depot I spent over $75,000 last year in your store and I feel that this isn’t being handled correctly. I called you on July 29th to have this resolved and it is now August 16th. I want someone above you to resolve this immediately. Here again is the issue: On 7/20/2013 12:07pm I called the customer service number spending over an hour on the phone shopping for a new Washer & Dryer getting details on which model to go with when we realized that the “New” Online deal that had just started…Wasn’t available in my area for 3 Months! So why keep it on the website I would ask? All this does is create more frustration for customers. They come to your site & to your stores to research then to purchase products. Let me tell you, this was extremely frustrating to begin with. After realizing that it was a lost cause and that there was no way that I could have it shipped earlier than 90 days my wife and I decided to check our local stores. It’s now around 1:30pm after waiting on hold at the Chesapeake Location. We spoke to a gentleman that was very helpful and he mentioned it might be best to come by and check out some of the floor models. We arrived at the store around 2:00pm. We had a chance to look over all the models on the sales floor and there was a LG Washer & Dryer that was on sale $450 off. When I approached the store associate about this set he “Said…We can’t sell you this set for this price! I asked why? He said that that sale was over!” I then said that there is a sign up that reflects a sale I’m confused? Now at this point it’s 3:30pm I’m even more frustrated that Home Depot is failing at customer service! When I asked…Would it be possible for him to run it by a manager, he said that they won’t honor it. He told me that “I would have to wait for another sale” At this point I asked him to check the other store location in Norfolk VA to see if they had the Samsung Washer & Dryer combo that I found online. He checked and they had it instock. It was a floor model so he asked if the Chesapeake Manager to call over to see if they could sell this combo. This item was a cancelled item and they had no plan to restock this due to a newer model coming out very soon. The manager called the Norfolk VA Home Depot and spoke to the Manager over there (Loni) . He said they could sell it but wanted to make me aware there was a “small dent.” I asked if they could discount the floor model they said that the most he could do would be $50. We headed over to this store location that was a 30 min ride. When we showed up to look at the model we noticed that “there was no small dent” it was hit with a pallet jack or something. Both the washer and dryer were missing parts, and had multiple dents on the front and the side. The Washer had a big orange paint scrap on the bottom left. It was def. hit with something. Again, at this point I was frustrated because of two reasons. We traveled all the way over there to spend $$ in this store and we approached the manager on duty about possibly discounting these items a little more. He I quote said “No, You don’t have to buy them!” He was very condescending in his tone. I walked away to see what we should do because there were no other options in the store that were in my price range because we are purchasing a new house. My wife thought that she could live with the cosmetic issues & just wanted to leave because our daughter was hungry. I approached the manager again to ask him if he would honor the “Free Home Delivery” He said no, and I quote “I can pay $69.95 to have each one shipped to my house, or he could let me rent a truck for $ 19.95” I told him that I don’t understand why online it stated that it receives free home delivery and he can’t honor that. I explained to him that we are somewhat new to the area and don’t have anyone right now that would be able to help me move it into the house. My wife is 120lbs and there is no way we can do it. He then said “ Even if we deliver it they will not put it into the house they will leave it curbside.” This was extremely frustrating because at no point did he display any level of competent customer service skills. If anything he doesn’t value Commercial Customers or any Customers! If I remember correctly I think his name was Loni or something close to that (He looked Philipino). The other associates were very sympathetic and were great! We at this point had made the decision to purchase the Washer & Dryer and it was well after 5pm. Mike & the other associate were super helpful. They went and gathered the other items that we needed for the installation. They also helped us measure our vehicle to see if it would fit. We ended up gathering everything up and brought it to the Customer Service area to purchase the items. We had to wait there 45 minutes because nobody new how to apply the $50 discount to the purchase. My wife was so mad at this point my daughter was hungry and had not ate and it’s 6:30pm. Loni the previous manager never communicated to anyone upfront that we were purchasing the Washer or Dryer after we already communicated to him that we were going to buy them. So again, we waited for Ed to finish with helping his customer. Ed was very helpful and showed that he cared and was apologetic towards the whole situation. Ed, Mike, And the other associate should be commended for a high level of customer service. We purchased the items and waited for loaders to come after being paged on the walkie talkies. After waiting over 10 minutes and multiple pages for assistance there was still nobody there to help us. My wife pulled the vehicle up to the front of the store & the associates from the Appliance Area helped me carry and load the Washer & Dryer into the vehicle. Which let me tell you isn’t the smartest idea for insurance reasons to have a Customer loading a Washer & Dryer into their own vehicle. We just wanted to leave! It took 2hrs to get home & to setup this Washer & Dryer. My wife and I struggled getting this into the house and upstairs! Loni could have displayed heart & could’ve showed that he cares about customers. My wife fell off the step a twisted her ankle after scraping it on the brick. In conclusion, the next day we had stopped by Best Buy to purchase something and I walked over to the Appliances. I at this point was pissed off because what do I see? The same Samsung Washer & Dryer models for $599.99 new with no dents, no scratches! Free Home Delivery….and I have a 10% off Coupon one of which is good on all Appliances! I would have saved an Additional $120 plus no finance charges for 1 year. Plus the $120 in shipping and setup. 1. Now I’m stuck with a dented Washer & Dryer, a really bad experience at Home Depot. 2. I called and was told that I would receive a $200 E-gift certificate to my email after 48 hours 3. It’s now been almost a month since the purchase? 4. I have spoken to 3 people now at Home Depot’s Customer service Line and still no results?? 5. Let me add that I spend a lot of money in your Stores and I have always preferred Home Depot vs. Lowes and unless something happens soon! Like a $1000 E-Gift I will not be shopping in your stores again! I want this communicated to the upper management because this kind of service is not what Home Depot is all about. I choose Home Depot because I get good customer service & the prices are good. I expect more! I will be renovating another house at the end of this month and I believe you will make this right. Thank you

  • By videoman - Posted on: July 9, 2013

    I purchased a 5 gallon bucket of paint during their highly advertised "red white and blue" sale with the incentive of a $20 rebate. I just discovered this "rebate" is being paid with a prepaid Mastercard. Who cares? I want a check so I can apply it to the credit card I used to purchase the paint. I called and spoke with a supervisor and said someone will call me back. We'll see what happens next. If they deny my chack request I will seek further assistance and will NEVER buy from Home Depot again.

  • By susan mckinley - Posted on: July 13, 2013

    as I read the the reviews I can see that home depot needs a lot of work on customer service!!! my husband is also a vet, and he was told wrong card so no discount I quess protesting the country means nothing to these people while he walks around with bullet scars and a bullet left in him!!! also they have billed us twice in less then a year saying we did not pay our bill and received a lot of late charges and it, obviously it went to the credit reports, after speaking to several people I was told fax the proof, really, I lose money from my work to prove, again you have my money!!! and try to fix it myself when it is YOUR MISTAKE !!!! AND TRY TO GET SOMEONE IN THE FINACIANAL DEPT. WHAT A JOKE SORRY YOU CAN ONLY FAX US WE HAVE NO PHONE NUMBERS. I WILL BE SO POSTING ON EVERY SOCAIL NETWORK POSSIBLE TO STOP PEOPLE FROM HOME DEPOT. go to LOWES veteran discounts for whenever you served and great customer service

  • By tim peterson - Posted on: May 16, 2013

    The home depo in salida matter how many times you call to the rental department they never answer the goes rigjt to please hold we are assisting other costumer.i i held for twenty min before hanging up.for two days.on the hour for 4 hours.just to rent the cubota tractor for two days .they must be closed.

  • By DUTCH - Posted on: March 7, 2013

    WHY, did I rate this as 1 star?. Simple, after trying numerous times to reach the finance dept. concerning a 1099-MISC I received I was NOT able to speak to anyone except for the automated phone system. WHY? does HD have such a phone system. WHY can't HD have real people answering the corporate phone? My spending close to 30 minutes and having to re-dial 6 times and still NOT being able to reach the finance department is uncalled for and shows a lack of concern to me and others calling HD corporate in an effort to answer a simple question.

  • By Dave in Nevada - Posted on: March 4, 2013

    Home Depot says they will give a discount to Veterans, yet when I went to buy my 800.00 worth of stuff to do my kitchen. I went to the check out stand and showed my VA Card and they told me that that wasnt the right card it didnt say active duty on it. So Home Depot only gives discounts to personnel on active duty and not just the old Vet that was just in the Service and did his time. So my dad who is a purple heart resipiant and my newphew who also got the purple heart and all my brothers and brother in laws that did there time in the rice patties of Vietnam and Irag but are not longer in the service are not Veterans according to the Pahrump Nevada Home Depot. CHANGE THE WORDING AND POST IT IN YOUR STORES "DISCOUNT TO ACTIVE DUTY VETS ONLY" THANKS HOME DEPOT.

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