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1401 Industrial Avenue Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406)245-4006
Website: www.tirerama.com

Company Overview

Tire Rama serves as an independent dealer of tire across 45 locations in four states - Idaho, Wyoming, Washington and Montana. Apart from tires of all categories, the company also offers a complete package of automotive accessories and related services. Other services include repairing the cooling systems, fuel systems, oil and lube filters, brake systems, power steering service, transmission and suspension systems. Tire Rama was initially a distributor of Dayton Tire. They were also in-charge of handling B.F. Goodrich tires and Cooper Tires. They even offer loyalty reward points and other exclusive discounts and offers to the members of their VIP Red Carpet Club.

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  • By Nancy - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    My nephew was driving near Havre Mt and blew a tire. After changing the tire and driving a bit down the road he could smell burning rubber, so I advised him over the phone to drive slow until he was able to get into town. I called Tire Rama in the morning and spoke with a man named Sheldon and told him I suspected the wheel bearings in the car may be bad due to the blown tire the night before and the burning rubber smell with the spare. I asked Sheldon to check this out and if the wheel bearings were bad to let me know so that we could have them replaced. Sheldon let me know that due to it being Saturday they had no mechanic that would be able to replace wheel bearings and that they were closing at noon. He told me that he would go ahead and inspect them any way and let me know. My nephew was at the store at 8 am with the car and I heard nothing back from Sheldon until 11 am. When Sheldon called me, he informed me that he had went ahead and put a new tire on the car and placed the perfectly good spare back in the trunk and had found nothing wrong with the car, and that it was safe for my nephew to drive the 4 hours back home to butte, mt. The wheel bearings in the car were shot! A mechanic in butte confirmed this. The front wheel bearings. My nephew could have been killed due to this negligence. Thankfully my nephew is ok, but I would go elsewhere if ever in this type of situation again. Tire Rama did not take care of us, they took advantage of us by selling me a tire we didn’t need (didn’t even ask me before installing it on the rim that had blown, then charged me almost 200 bucks) and sent my nephew down the road just in time for them to head home for the day without a care in the world. This is infuriating to me. Never again!

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