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450 Glass Lane Modesto, CA 95356
Phone: (209)544-0265
Website: www.ur.com

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United Rentals is the world’s largest company, providing equipment solutions to, probably every sector and field of work. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Greenwich, the company employs more than 10,000 skilled professionals, covering and serving forty-nine states and ten Canadian provinces. The clientele include construction and industrial companies, municipalities, local governing bodies and homeowners. They have a fleet of sophisticated equipments, which they offer on rental basis to big project units. They also serve their clients with trained workers to operate such equipments. Every equipment in the fleet of United Rentals is well maintained by trained professionals, so that the clients can get the maximum value for their money.

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  • By jason lowery - Posted on: June 7, 2013

    their is an emploee at your winchester va store that has needed knee replacement and everytime he asks his branch manger about info about fmla or other options they find a reasone to get around this . and also find a way to sadly get him into a foul mood were he ends up getting reprmaned . after they sugest that he retire . I would like to talk with some body that knows their bissness . before I talk to this branch manger my self. because this emploee has been with ur for a long time and futher more the emploee does not know that this message is been sent to who it concerns. thank you jason lowery cell phone 1 540 233 0082

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