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7755 Center Avenue Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: (714)500-2400

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BJs Restaurant is an American based chain casual dining restaurants. The restaurant was founded in 1978 at Huntington Beach, California. The company owns and operates about 121 restaurants under its name in California, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Florida, Ohio, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, Louisiana, and Washington. The company operates its restaurants under the brand mane of BJ's Restaurant & Brewery, BJ's Restaurant & Brew house, BJ's Pizza & Grill and BJ's Grill. The company products include beers, fresh backed cookie, and white chocolate, chocolate chip with vanilla ice creams, served in pizza style pan. The restaurant also offers a online ordering system.

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  • By John Martin - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    Was in Ohio w my 20 year old son who is in the air-force there. The law states you can have beer at 18 with parent. We were denied based on age discrimination. I don’t care about fighting for drinking. But the age discrimination is very concerning. The manager, who stated he had been there since the beginning, said he didn’t know who was driving home. That has nothing to do with the legal rights to drink. I said I was driving. He said it’s corporate policy because they are HQ in California. So it’s corporate policy to discriminate based on age in Ohio. As far as I know it’s illegal to discriminate based on age, race, gender and just about anything else. My son has a legal right. I told him to fight it.. just because it’s the law. He can fight for out country and obey the law of the law and BJ’s corporately discriminates against services personal. Don’t know what else to say but don’t believe Corperate would take this position.

  • By Edie Smith - Posted on: September 2, 2013

    9/01/13 We decided to celebrate my mother-in-law's 70th birthday/family reunion at BJ in Folsom CA. It was the WORST experience ever. Initially we a had a great waiter, however his female partner decided to take lead. Big mistake, she was rude refused to cooperate, we felt like we were an inconvenience to her. She was upset we wanted 4 separate checks. I requested to order my husband's dinner later because he was running late, she said no I cannot ring up his order since we have a big group. She gave me misinformation about his calzone, when I pointed out the menu, she got upset and said I do what I can. She also told me she'll ring up the check one slip then seperate it afterwards. The food came out and when I asked the male waiter to keep my husband's calzone under the warmer, he asked why I didn't order it later, I told him the female server refused. She came by later and said I'm putting the calzone in a take out box. The female server never checked to see if our party was doing, gave us one check, I had to talk to the manger but he really didn't do much other than seperate the checks. Needless to say our entire dinner was ruined by her lack of professionalism. There are hundreds of restaurants closing down, you should treat every customer with common courtesy and be thankful we choosed BJ. I struggled even putting a tip. I have worked for five diamond hotel for 15 years, my husband is an executive chef, thank goodness he was late and missed the dinner. He would have been appalled by the service and the inconsistency of the food. The only good thing was the male waiter, our family wanted to give him a seperate tip because he tried his best but its not his fault his partner was rude, the manager also needs to be retrained. The female server #143(?) should be demoted to bus girl or just work as a hostess. She is in the wrong business. Truly disappointed, Edie Smith

  • By Eddie - Posted on: August 20, 2013

    I took my mom sister and baby to eat at the culver city restaurant. I had always love there food and drinks. I have never had any complains of the food or service. However today (8/19/13) I had a bad service expiring with the server Larry. We came in order or drinks and my mom didn't get her straw we ask if we could get one and he forgot all about it. 15 minutes later he came and said sorry I forgot to drop this off. Take in mind it's not that busy this night. My daughter had a apple juice that she never got until the food got there. The server kept disappearing so I had other servers help me like "Vernon" and African American with glasses. Then when I wanted to speak to a manager about this I had to call by phone and ask Victoria the host to send Kimberly the manager over to table 304(I had asked Vernon for the booth number). I saw the manager going to a few tables before reaching our if everything was okay. When she made it to ours we said "it is now" she didn't even ask why or what happen she quickly move to the next table. By the time the manager got to our table our food was there, i ask for ketchup for my daughters food, we never got it. We just never had such a bad service. The food was good but the lack of care from our server or managers really turn me off from coming here again. I usually go to the Downey one where I never have any complain. If you have any questions about this night feel free to email me back.

  • By George - Posted on: July 29, 2013

    I like BJS, I go at least three or four times a week, I like the food and the beer of BJS restaurant but, the management is very poor particularly the one located at Oakridge Blossom Hill Rd in San Jose, CA. I appreciate the workers but the supervisors have a problem of communicating with customers. If a problem arises instead of solving the problem they themselves become part of the problem. I hope the upper management will take care of it.

  • By Michael Aprahamian - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    Every time my family(12) to (15) has an occasion, birthday, anniversary, etc. and we choose BJ's for lunch or dinner we are soooo disappointed due to the way the process is from ordering to being served. The only job function the waiter has is to take the drink and food order, then you never see them again. It takes on average, weather it is slow or busy approx. fifty minutes to an hour for the food to arrive When it arrives two 2 meals at a time guests have to wait 10 minutes for all the meals to arrive so by the time everyone is served your food is cold. But the BIGGEST COMPLAINT IS since you never see your waiter again the servers just scream out the plates ingredients until someone says "over here" It is demeaning rude and lacks total organization of any kind. They get upset if someone doesn't immediately say "oh thats mine. Its the most ridiculous process Ive ever seen. And you refuse to change it because this has been going on for years!! And for families wanting to spend $500.00 or $600.00 on a meal, never again will our family be treated in this manner. Ill say it again, NO CLASS NO CLASS NO CLASS. A burger joint like RED ROBIN can run circles around your staff and deliver all the food piping hot TO EVERYONE AT THE SAME TIME in 30 minutes or less and know where each plate belongs. Maybe others like being treated this way, but not the Aprahamian Family. Last evening, 7/27 my wife ordered the Kale and Brussle Sprout salad with blacken salmon. This is supposed to be a "main course" salad. When it arrived it was without the Salmon and was the size of a regular dinner side salad. It contained only mixed greens and two leafs of kale with ONE brussel Sprout cut into 4 tiny portions. My wife eats Kale every single day. Theres no confusion here, no kale existed. After informing the waiter that the salmon was missing it was delivered not blackened, not seasoned and RAW. Come on how freaking tough is to serve a meal the right way. If you company has any customer service protocol and you would like to discuss please reach out to me at (909) 841-2500

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