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1 Big Boy Dr. Warren, MI 48091
Phone: (586)759-6000

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Big Boy Restaurants International LLC is a restaurant chain and has been founded in 1936 by Bob Wian. It has headquarters in Michigan, Greater Detroit. The company operates as well as franchises over 135 series of restaurants in Canada and United States. In addition, the restaurant has nearly 300 licensed units, which are operating in Japan. Over 20 of its locations are owned by the company itself and the rest are franchised. They are famous among customers for offering hamburgers, but also offer breakfast, dinner, sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, appetizers, etc. Presently, the CEO of the organization is Keith E. Sirois.

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  • By anonymous - Posted on: August 27, 2013

    Kalkaska big boys is the worst restaurant on it needs to be shut down I found hair in my food horrible horrible manager that Ryan mcclenen he yells at staff in front of customers I was told he hits on the waitresses he takes the salad bar down early and he took a picture of one of the employees in the bath room I'm going to let everyone no about this sick nasty restaurant and the manager and that boss rose so lazy! !!

  • By Duane westermann - Posted on: August 26, 2013

    I am a Military Veteran of 29 years of service and I used to frequent the Big Boy Restaurant in Imlay City Michigan because they showed support for the Military by offering discounts on meals that is until this past weekend. I stopped in the restaurant on my way through town like normal only to find out that in order to receive the Military discount you have to be in uniform and possess an active duty I.D. card only . Veterans no longer are eligible. This is an insult to Veterans everywhere. I belong to several Veterans organizations and will be spreading the word about this incident with Big Boy Restaurants. They lost at least 1 loyal customer, if not more. No manager would even come out to talk to me and explain why the change,

  • By Robert Bucheit - Posted on: August 17, 2013

    A month ago (July) I was in the Beavercreek Frisches on Fairfield Road. I visit there approximately 3-4 times a month with my grand kids and girlfriend. At one point I had a waitress who we would always ask for. Until she lift not to long ago to meet up with her husband who is in the service out west. I enjoyed eating and being served by her. This has bothered me for a month and my girlfriend just told me we have a gift card to Frisches. Last time I was in I ordered a breakfast dish and I did not want the pancakes that came with it. I ask the waitress if I could substitute French toast instead of pancakes. She said yes. Wehn she went to put the order in the Female Manager there told her no I could not substitute. The waitress came back and told me this. I said no up charge no side dishes. No she said no. I told her to tell the Manager I would not be back. I sat there while my girlfriend ate her meal. The Manager came back to tell me she could not substitute because that was how the pricing was on the menue. I said fine because I know other places that would like my business. I could not believe no up charge no nothing to fill my request. I guess Frisches is doing well and does not need customers. I wont be back!!!!!!

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