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1201 Elm Street Dallas, TX 75270
Phone: (214)854-3000

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A company providing video game and home movie at a rental service, Blockbuster LLC operates through more than one thousand stores across the United States and seventeen other countries of the world. The initial store was inaugurated in 1995, at Dallas in Texas City. They have transformed into an advanced delivery model with multi-channel content from age-old distribution system through the stores. In 2004, they had been able to generate employment opportunity for over sixty thousand employees. David Cook initiated the business. At a later period, during 2010, they planned to start renting through rental Kiosks. They hold huge collection of videos and games in their library.

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  • By Katherine Mabe - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    Your company use to be a 5 star until you stopped sending me movies. I used to get two movies and now I do not get any movies. What has happened your company is still taking the 15 dollars a month yet I am not get any movies and if I do then it is on a one movie base at a time. Katherine Mabe.

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