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Bloomingdales Corporate Office & Headquarters | New York, NY
Bloomingdales Corporate Office Headquarters

Bloomingdales Corporate Office | Headquarters

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1000 3rd Ave. New York, NY 10022
Phone: (212)705-2000
Website: www.bloomingdales.com

Company Overview

An upscale departmental store of America, Bloomingdale's, is one of the biggest store chains of the country and Macy's, Inc owns them. Lyman and Joseph Bloomingdale are credited to start the company in the year 1861. The company initiated selling of hoop skirts initially, from Ladies Notions' Shop at Lower East of Manhattan. They were officially inaugurated in 1872 in New York City. Their growth took a positive turn during the onset of twentieth century. They are even planning to open their store at Glendale Galleria this year, as a part of their remodeling plan for various malls. Bloomingdale's is also planning to refurbish the store at Stanford Shopping Center, in the coming year.

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Bloomingdales Reviews

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  • By Irina Y Satsiw - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    To Whom It May Concern On Thurs Sept 17th, I arrived at the Bloomindales, Willow Grove Mall at 6:40 pm (store closes at 7:00 pm) to return 3 of 4 pairs of sunglasses I purchased online (Order#559199834 on Aug 21). The department that sold sunglasses and handbags had no available sales associates or open registers and I was directed to go upstairs to customer service. Upon arrival I was met by a heavy set African-American woman (I didn’t get her name) that greeted me from afar with “What do you have?” I was taken aback as the usual greeting from any customer service representative is typically “How can I help you?” I responded with “I have 3 pair of Jimmy Choo Sunglasses to return” Her: “Store closes in 15 min” Me: “So should be plenty of time.” Her: “Come back tomorrow” Me: “I’m not coming back; I’m here now let’s get it done there is plenty of time” Her: “There is one case missing. Where is the case?” insinuating that I had stolen it. “Where is the label?” Me: “We can call online customer service and ask those questions because I don’t know the answers as that is how I received that pair” (The designer pair was sent to me without case, stuffed in a plastic bag with label glued to itWEB ID: 3746064 UPC: 2753902030. The 3 others arrived as expected.) Her: She shoved them back to me over the register “I’m not doing this return, come back tomorrow” The other associate at the counter was appalled, but remained silent Me: “I’m not coming back tomorrow; we still have time to complete it today” Her: “I can’t find the item in the computer” (I had given her all receipts prior to her search) Me: “No problem I’ll pull up the order” Took me a min to pull it up and she impatiently and rudely demanded several times “What is the order number” I gave it to her. She started doing the return, at the end announced that she credited my account with 1069.28 but 75 of which was going to be a loyalist gift card (which I had used for original purchase of 4 pair of glasses one of which cost $356.25 +tax which I kept) Me: I don’t want gift card, I used mine to apply against pair I kept” Her: After rudely shoving glasses back at me again “This is what your getting. It’s what the computer says” Me: “Ok lets call customer service to see how they can help you to complete this return without gift card” All of sudden she presses miracle button and replied “This time I overrode it for you as an exception” in such a condescending tone. I ran out of the store feeling humiliated…then angry. I have always enjoyed shopping at the Willow Grove store and have established relationships with many associates that have been there for years. If someone else had described this treatment to me I would have been shocked. It is something one might expect from K Mart returning a used box of tissues, not a from a premium retailer like Bloomingdales. Hopefully, this incident can be addressed by appropriate training as to what the phrase “Customer Service” means. If not, Bloomingdales is doomed to follow K-Marts path to bankruptcy. I am reluctant to return anytime soon because of taste of disgust and humiliation this experience gave me. Sincerely Irina Stasiw

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