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6055 West Jenna Nicole Lane Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: (520)572-9696

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Brake Max provides complete auto service in Tucson, Arizona. The Brake Max Company was founded in the year 1997. The company not only does brake services but also provides a complete care including air and cabin filters, air conditioning, alignments, auto repair, automotive coolants, battery service, belts and hose, brake repair, car alternator, clutches, diagnostics, differentials for car, minivan, truck, hybrid, and provides a complete care. The company serves in 12 locations of Tucson, Arizona. Extended warranty is provided for the services of the company. The company provides best customer satisfaction by its services and skilled professionals.

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  • By Kim - Posted on: July 27, 2013

    I had two cars fixed at breakmax on Pantano I spent around $2000 on a Ford Explorer drove it maybe 2 weeks then it started overheating I was told that had nothing to do with the work they did pay them 1600 dollars to fix Honda Accord brought it in because it was overheating I was told they fix the overheating problem but there was a lot more work needed to be done brought the car home started overheating that night brought it back in they told me I had a crack head and for $600 they would fix it so I paid $1600 for car I could drive I asked for corporate number and then they decided they would fix it for free they had to call for 5 weeks the car leaks oil and I paid an extra money to have that 6 my brand new windshield wipers are on my car were gone and to top it all off the manager told me don't ever come back to his store again my invoice number is 287766 this is Pantano and Broadway

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