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5660 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard Englewood, CO 80111
Phone: (303)850-9801
Website: www.davidweekleyhomes.com

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David Weekley Homes is one among the largest builder in America which engages in building and developing individual homes and apartments. The David Weekley Homes Company was founded in 1976 and its headquarters is situated in Houston, Texas. The David Weekley Homes have built more than 70,000 homes for hundred of communities in the areas of Charleston, Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Denver, Greater Hilton Head, Dallas, Houston, Panama City beach, Raleigh Durham, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Orlando, San Antonio, Tampa, Chapel Hill, and Ft. Worth. The David Weekley Homes also has its website which provides information on its new homes, multi level homeowners warranty, homeowner portfolios.

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  • By Unsatisfied homeowner - Posted on: September 21, 2013

    Smoke and mirrors with deceptive practices, unqualified "builders" as well as some of the sub-contractors used. If you can hold a paint brush or swing a hammer "your hired"! Cut a piece of wood to size? You better believe in miracles! 2 x's cut 1/2 inch short and toe nailed in, that's what is supporting my kitchen cabinets. Need a hole drilled to install your outdoor natural gas line out to your backyard? No problem, oh wait a minute, I don't have a drill handy....hmmm let's see, I'll just bash a hole through the wall with my claw hammer and caulk it up later. The DWH build quality suffers. Your money and dreams of a beautiful home go out the window if you decide to purchase a DW home. Buy a resale, a trailer home, a Coleman tent, anything but a DW built house! and save your nerves, at least what you see is what you get, it's already there! Our home was built from the ground up on a "premium priced lot". We more or less mirrored the model home as far as upgrades go. The construction they show you in the model is not what is done on your home. Everything in the model is perfect, not so once they start throwing yous up. There is nothing worse than laying out money and expecting one thing but getting another. We closed on our Dream home in The Preserve at Hickory Flat located in Canton, GA. Aug. 23 with work to be corrected and/or completed (shame on me). This is our third new home. Putting it mildly, it has been the worst experience of our lives by leaps and bounds. A one star rating is far to generous. I'm am certainly a believer about all the negative things I have read about DWH. The build is over, the fight has begun, the aggrivation will continue! If you would like to see photos of our experiences I will gladly email them to who ever is contemplating the purchase of a DW built home.

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