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East Berlin Road York, PA 17401
Phone: (717)792-3671

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Pfaltzgraff CO is an American company producing and selling kitchenwares with headquarters at York, Pennsylvania. It is understood to have been started in 1811 by a family of potters headed by Johann and Pfaltzgraff. After many changes, the first factory was built in 1895, followed by opening of a retail outlet in 1960; afterwards, special paintings were done on the wares and sales done through all departmental stores. Then the company was sold to “Lifetime Brands,” Inc. in 2005. After closing many items, presently the company's products consist of kitchen preparatory and cooking tools, glassware, dinnerware, flatware, crystal and variety wares. Display items (Salt glaze patterns) sold by the company include Christmas heirloom, tea village, folk art and naturewood.

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