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1001 Washington St. Conshohocken, PA 19428
Phone: (610)943-5000
Website: www.hoovers.com

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David's Bridal Inc is a bridal store and is specialized in prom gowns, wedding outfits and formal wears. In 2000, May Department Stores acquired the company and in 2005, it had again been purchased by Federated Department Stores. In 2006, Leonard Green & Partners had bought the clothier and presently, they operate in 300+ stores in 45 states of America along with Puerto Rico and Canada. It sells all types of bridal gowns and the items are priced accordingly to suit varied customers' budgets. Besides bridal outfits, David's Bridal Inc is also known for selling veils, bridal jewelries, invitations, gifts and formal apparels.

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  • By Sharon Williford - Posted on: July 23, 2013

    Good Morning Nancy My Name is Sharon Cummings-Williford, I just wanted to let you know about My Experience at Davids Bridal this pass Saturday. I originally belonged to the store located at Plaza 48 3500 48th Street, Queens, New York, 11101. When I first brought my Dress as I am with a Bridal Party, was suppose to be a size 14 but when I picked up the dress it was a 16 too big. I was very upset because I told the person who was doing the measurements that I had weight loss surgery and I would be smaller when I would pick up my dress. The person was not helpful but very rude and non attentive and busy. Considering the wedding date is September 1, 2013 I got nervous because the alterations alone was massive and time consuming. I then brought the dress and came to your store # 22 located on 1504 Old Country Road, Westbury New York 11590 to see if I could get any help. That's when I met my angels Rohda, & Brian Chiongbian. They were so nice to me and showed Empathy & Sympathy Brian Chiongbian was so professional and helpful and even found the dress in my size. He stopped what he was doing and helped me. He cared about me as a customer. I was done & through with Davids Bridal and No longer wanted to ever be a customer but Brian changed my mind. He is excellence in every way and I think that he is a great asset to your store. He Even hugged me when the experience was over. I Know that God really exists but after this experience their is no doubt in my mind that he works things out and find people along the way to help us in our time in need and Brian Chiongban & Rodha in alterations are some of those people. I pray that Brian gets the recognition that he deserves because I was a basket case, very emotional and he really proved that he could handle any situation professional and in a timely fashion. When I come back to your store August 27th I hope that Brian and Rodha gets a copy of this email because I feel that they are what Customer Services Stands For. They should be the face behind David's Bridal and it was not just me!! I observed how they treated everyone during my time at the store and everyone got the same treatment I did Professionalism.

  • By Bonnie Bosch - Posted on: May 12, 2013

    I'm very disappointed at the decision of their local HR person covering the San Jose, CA area. My daughter has been at your company for only 5 months as a customer service mgr. She knows she recently made a big mistake and despite the fact that her store mgr, the district mgr & the regional mgr felt she should receive a written warning, she was terminated. SHe loves this job and a company that what so quickly release a high performing individual is just beyond me. Her crime? Making a disfigured bride so extremely happy and closing the sale of a $2000 dress. YES...she was told no we can't order this little bolero jacket, bride was in tears & was going to leave without so she let her have it anyway to save the sale and make the customer happy...aren't they always right?? How do we get a phone number for someone to contest this decision??

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