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30300 Emerald Valley Pkwy Glenwillow, OH 44139
Phone: (800)208-8173

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Dots is a well known brand, which offers women's apparel as well as fashion accessories. The company focuses mainly on women belonging to the age group of 25 to 35 and it is a very popular bargain-priced fashion shop based in U.S. The chain operates through over four hundred stores with its outlets at many other locations. The stores owned and operated by the company can be found in community shopping centers and other power centers that attract a lot of traffic. It has also opened in stores in big and emerging markets and plans to expand in the coming time as well.

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  • By tatjana milosevic - Posted on: April 6, 2013

    Dear " who ever open this e-mail " My name is Tatjana Milosevic .. I'm a your loyal customer and now I need you here in Europe, Media market research has indicated that there is a high level of dissatisfaction among women in plus size in Serbia.Personal experiences here is also key of my interest to help women in my country,after living in USA for 20 years , I see big chance to bring happiness to my fellow big size women here by bringing them big size clothing store because Women size clothing in our country is impossible to find , all shopping is done online or is custom made , as a result of the lack of high-quality customized clothes that are also affordable. Our intention is to fill the gap between the high-end, prohibitively expensive imported clothes and the big size clothing market in Serbia . Our company offers an exciting opportunity to bring your brand to our country. Only Belgrade has over 3.000.000 people and idea is to open your store there first , market research show that in last 10 years women sizes in Serbia went from 3-6 sizes up...if 300.000 customers in one town need a store to shop in , I guess that is a good market opportunity ,lets not talk about whole country of Serbia 7.000.000 ,also Croatia 5.000.00 and other region country's , all in 350 miles one from each other .For you it will be as you open one store in city in USA, for us it will be great chance to start shopping in our own country :) , as I write this I think how weird my email sound , but you never know maybe somebody answer me , and we start to work on my little idea :)))) I will make sure I find a best people to help me bring this idea to life and to find best location for you boutique , also this will be a great project to brag about to my big girls ,that is all my dear reader I hope you hear me and help me ... sincerely :Tatjana Milosevic program director +381 ( 0 ) 637357810/ 61 720 62 70

  • By j - Posted on: March 11, 2013

    The worst customer service i have ever gotten over the phone had to call 4 times before i could talk to a manager they took messages no one called back when its regarding the company charging me for a order that was cancelled.

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