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10401 Monroe Rd. Matthews, NC 28105
Phone: (704)847-6961

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Family Dollar is a chain of stores selling varied products, in United States, for only a dollar. The store came into existence in the year 1959. Presently, they operate more than seven thousand stores of the world. The store chain has it’s headquarter located in the region of Matthews in North Carolina. Family Dollar has been named so because the majority of the items are available at less than 10 dollars, in these stores. They are also known as neighborhood discount store because they sell diverse products at reduced prices. The founder of the store was a 21-year-old young entrepreneur, Leon Levine.

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  • By Jcar - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    Your phone system sucksi am trying to report a thief. And cannot even get to alive body

  • By Douglas McKinney Sr. - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    Family dollar is a sad store when it come to the way that it treats it's employees. It does not value its, employees. Does not but stock into their commitment to the job. I am very sad to see a store with this type of approach to business in our community. The CEO, OWNER or ONE OF THE TOP MANAGERRS NEED TO COME FROM BEHIND THEIR DESK AND SEE JUST HOW THEIR STORES AND OPERATED. I was a shopper of your stores and my daughter was an employer of your stores. She was raised with integrity, morals a good work ethics, but is no longer and employee of your stores. MONTGOMERY ALABAMA.

  • By Kim Alexander - Posted on: April 27, 2013

    I had a Family Dollar by my house that was so friendly and always said Hello when you went in and they knew me and were always happy to see me! I just moved to Wyoming Michigan and went to the Family Dollar on 44th st. It is a pretty new one. Was treated awful by a lady named Judy. She would not let my husband look at a cell phone box so he could read the box. She said she could not unlock it unless she stood by us and we said that's fine. She then said if she stood with us she could not wait on other people? WHAT? She then told us it was against the rules! Again WHAT? She would NOT help us! I have six kids and 8 grandkids I shop a lot and NEVER will any of us shop there as long as this awful Judy is working there. I know this is not the normal way you are treated at Family Dollar, makes me sad.

  • By Marti Lamar - Posted on: April 24, 2013

    Who we are - ICAN WECAN 2007-2010 What we did - Community Improvement through Art and Beautification What the Family dollar 2211 Prospect St. INDPLS, IN. 46203 did to us - Sunday as we watched our Community Art mural being covered up with new paint. We were shocked. How could You Family Dollar do this to our neighborhood? Our Community came together worked hard and beautified our neighborhood. Our neighbors cleaned from the ground up. Primed and Painted The back and the East side of the building and then painted a BIG Community Mural Painting.About $3,000. worth> We had permission from owner of the building. Please explain How The Family Dollar could crush the HEARTS of the Community ART WORK? Watch these 2 videos Please. Thank you, WECAN Neighborhood President Marti LaMar

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