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7511 East McDonald Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85225
Phone: (480)627-7777
Website: www.harkinstheatres.com

Company Overview

Harkins Theatres is a chain of movie theatre spread across southwestern part of the United States. They are a private owned company. They have thirty theatres throughout Colorado, Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma and California, with 428 operational screens. They are owned by a parent company, Harkins Enterprises, LLC. The chain projects mostly independent and foreign films. The theatre chain is also famous to broadcast ballet performances and opera shows throughout the year. Every year several film festivals also take place in these theatres. PlayCenters were introduced in Harkins Theatres in 2001. This allowed people to enjoy movies, while their kids were monitored in the play stations.

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  • By sarah dinkle - Posted on: September 6, 2013

    I was in your northfield locatiom to watch a movie with my family. We bought our tickets from a snotty hispanic girl who could answer no questions what so ever. We went inside ankvd spoke to a friendly and helpful young lady in a red shirt. As we left our movie a man in a suit had a group of kids in red shirts and was yelling at them about proving they were really in school and couldn't work thursdays. I was so embarrassed for those kids. They looked completely terrified of the man in the suit. Did that really need to take place in front of customers? And why do they have to prove they are in school. Im not sure we will return.

  • By Jack Dale - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    "Copperhead" Is an AWESOME film. Another reviewer suggested it was slow to develope, but the times and location had a lower Pace of living, but the Flow, scene-scene was there. Also, the movie,--with very rich authenticity, let us look-back 150 years into subject matter neglected, until this brilliant film, and yet, the film has great import for the times we find ourselves in, Now. The Cast was very talented, and it was also wonderful to see again an actor who we can't see enough of (because he Produces & Directs, is often found behind the camera),--who has the Muse in his genes,--a Barrymore like Legend of the Boomers,--Peter Fonda.

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