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413 Presumpscot Street Portland, ME 04103
Phone: (207)775-6123
Website: www.hostessbrands.com

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Hostess Brands Inc acquired J J Nissen and had been established in the year 1930 with the name "Interstate Bakeries Corporation" which is a wholesale broker as well as distributor of bakery products. Apart from J J Nissens, they own Dolly Madison, Wonder Bread, Hostess, Drake's, Nature's Pride and Wonder Bread brands. It had been setup in the year 1930. Hostess Brands Inc is the new name given after it had emerged from bankruptcy in 2004. It had sought bankruptcy protection under Title 11 and Chapter 11 in January, 2012. After it has filed petition for closing the business and selling assets in November 2012, a judge agreed to handover its food to other buyers.

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