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P.O. Box 4427 Houston, TX 77210
Phone: (800)344-6933
Website: www.jiffylube.com

Company Overview

A chain with more than two thousand businesses in North America, Jiffy Lube, offers service for changing of automobile oil. They even provide other necessary services related to automobiles. They are a subsidiary unit of Shell Oil and their headquarter is located in Houston, Texas. Jim Hindman founded Jiffy Lube in 1979 and they emerged at a rapid manner during 1980s. More than one thousand service centers were inaugurated through this period. However, Pennzoil acquired them during the early years of 1990s. Presently, there are more than two thousand service centers, franchised throughout the region of Canada and North America. National Oil and Lube News ranked them in the topmost position in 2011.

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  • By kim nettles - Posted on: September 9, 2013

    I went to jiffy lube in greatwater subdivision in missouri city, texas. Asked for the price of an oil change. Was told 39.99. Total bill was 60.00. When I asked why more, was told I needed an oil filter also???I thought an oil filter came with the service. So I paid 39.99 for the oil change, 17.95 for the filter (which are 5.00) plus tax. Misadvertising. Called Toyota dealership and they charge 40.00 for oil change with filter.

  • By SR - Posted on: September 13, 2013

    Ever have this happen to you at Jiffy Lube? They broke my wheel lock key and didnt take ownership of thier mistake. Took my car there for an oil change/tire rotation. Been going to JL for 6 years with both of my cars. My wheels have wheel locks like many cars these days. They tried to use my wheel lock key to take off the wheels and broke the key in the process. This happens when you use an air wrench and apply too much force when you should have used a hand wrench where you can ease in the force and make sure the key has not slipped out of place risking stripping the key. It happended and I wasnt too upset but simply wanted to be reibursed for the $15 key. Thier coded keys and have to order them from the dealer. They told me to call thier regional manager, Mr. K. Nash. Mr. Nash immediately said NO, said surely not his fault and they use air wrenches all the time with wheel lock keys. Remember that I've been using JL for 2 cars for the past 6 years and would have continued to do so. What is a good returning customer worth to a business? I would think atleast $15 of good will or credit. Not to Mr. Nash or Jiffy Lube. Worries me if something serious were to happen to my car from thier work, what then? Now I will share my bad customer experience about JL leadership and lack of ownership, whats the cost of that to Jiffy Lube? This is both poor business acumen and customer service.

  • By Terry Trammell - Posted on: August 21, 2013

    Wallmart-Jiffy lube, Chesterfield,Mo on 8/21/2013 @ approx. 11am. Shop manager at the time - Phil. Would not give his last name. Went in to have my tires balanced and rotated. I marked the 2 front tires so that I would know if in fact they were rotated. As it turned out, they were not rotated. Phil, the shop manager at the time, wanted to argue and make threats about not going to rotate them, even though I knew they were not. I will have to think twice about going back.

  • By Meg - Posted on: August 13, 2013

    I would give them a negative 5 but is not an option. This particular store has the most pompous manager little jerk ever. If you would like your wife or daughter to be insulted then definitely send her to store #1149 in Summerville,S.C. I wish I would have gotten his name but he was working last Saturday 8/10/13. That guy has NO BUSINESS being in customer service or having any type of customer contact!

  • By Marva Griffin - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    I went to the Jiffy Lube on Hyway 85 in Riverdale, GA. I went there for an Emission Test and Iasked how it would take. The mechanic said 20min. First of all the the mechanic did not know how to open how to open the hood of the car. Instead of asking he pulled and tugged until the Mercedes Emblem came loose. I ask why did he do that "he stated that he did not touch that". He then proceeded to start the emission test after about 10 minutes later he said he wanted to show me something. He proceeded to show me I did not have a data port. After 25 minutes not Emission and a liar. I took my car to another shop for Emissions. He not only did not know how to do the Emissions he is not familiar with CARS at all. I dont know who does your training for new hires but it sucks. I come there all the time for oil changes and other services. I will tell everyone about the poor service and never to go there. A shade tree mechanic is 100% better. The money you save you can get all other services done else where so your car is not messed up by lying mechanics. I want someone to contact me at blue483us@gmail.com

  • By john haas - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    I recently went into one of your locations in rocky point, new york for service. After the service I was told that I am entitled to fill out a form to receive a twenty dollar rebate. I let the shop, went home, filled out the form and mailed it. Today 6/4, I received the rebate check, the check was made out payable to Jiffy Lube. I will NEVER step foot in one of your locations ever again, and I will never use Pennzoil Oil again. Even though the service was good, I was lied to.

  • By jntaylor27812@yahoo.com - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    I used to love going to jiffy lube until today. I went in for an oil change and didn't get one at all. They told me that the jiffy lube I was taking it to plug my oil pan and that it was strip. They asked me did I know this, I told them no. I told them that the jiffy lube I was taking it to told me that I had a oil leak and told me to only bring it to them for an oil change. Well since I moved out of state I took it to a different jiffy lube and they told me that I could take it to any one of there locations. So today they would even touch my car, they processed to tell me about my pan and that my pan was plugged. This I didn't know about at all. So when I told her about the other jiffy lube and what they said to me she had me to fill out paper work and sent it to the consumer service manager. She told me that jiffy lube would replace it for and that they would get a michanic to look at it and fix it. So I thought ok good. Until I talked to Ryan the consumer service manger. He told me that since I exceeded over the 3000 mile limit that jiffy lube is not paying for it that they will just help out with some of the cost. I told him that I don't always have money to bring it in every 3000 miles for an oil change. Then he said that they don't have money to pay the whole cost either since I waited to bring it in at over 20000 miles. That I had to find someone to fix it and let him know how much and they would pay some of the cost. I told him that if the first jiffy lube I took it to would have told me this I would have gotten it fixed myself then cause at that time I still had a warranty on my car. Now I don't have a warranty now and I have to come out of pocket. I am a single mother that don't get any help from the government. I feel like if I was told that I didn't have to pay any cost I shouldn't have to pay anything. I want to know what you think?

  • By mrs.not happy - Posted on: May 16, 2013

    Omg where do I start I am a woman who got sent for a loop I was told I can only get one kind of oil put in my car because its a new car(2011 Toyota camry)so of course its a oil change that cost 70$ normally my husband take care of this but he is out defending our country...after they put the oil in my car they tell me they could not drain out the old oil because they could not get the cap off o_0 so they took off 15 dollars well now they trying to blow my motor why would you put that in my car on top of the old oil im so up set and they already had my 62.49 its so sad u that they treat women or anybody this way I will never ever go there again NEVER go alone LADIES.....

  • By woonhcho@hotmail.com - Posted on: March 18, 2013

    I went to Walnut Creek, Ca Zippy Lube for oil service on 8 March 2013. The Service manager, Robert Gomez told me that i had a little chip on my windshield and should repair and they will guarantee that it will not crack further after they repair it. He also stated that I don't have to pay nothing and they will charged to my Insurance company. So I have a written warrent from him and permit him to repair my windshield. Two days after the repair I had 12 inches hair line crack, quarter inches above my repair area. I took it the Zippy Lube this morning the Mr Gomez stated that this crack is not their fault. How in the hell my windshield got cracked itself? This manager frauduently misled and lied to me that the Zippy lube will guarantee the repair. I am really disappointed this manager's reaction toward this repair and I advise all that You should do any windshield repair at Zippy Lube

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