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910 Louisana St. Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713)241-6161

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Shell Oil Company is a transnational oil company and a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. The Shell Oil Company was founded in the year 1949 with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States. The company explores, produce, refine, transport, distribute and trade oil and gas in United Stated. The product offered by the company are petrochemicals, hydrogen, lubricants, liquefied natural gas, coal products, hydrocarbons, and gift cards. The company services extend to private and public utilities, commercial and industrial companies and energy producers. The company also engages in risk management, financial services, industrial energy services, environmental products etc.

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  • By Ivory Jones - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    Good quality history royal well formed.

  • By KG. - Posted on: September 19, 2013

    The image of Shell Oil Company and it's stations throughout the metro Atlanta, Georgia area is on the decline. In example, the stores are cluttered with Head shop supplies, and magazines which most female customer will not feel comfortable shopping. Moreover, the complete lack of maintenance, Painting, Light replacement, housekeeping, and finally, gas pumps out of order for months with crime tape around them projects a welcoming feeling, "eyesore to any neighbor hood and surroundings". Take a look at the the store on 3220 Five Forks Road, Lilburn, Georgia, If you can tell me this is the image Shell wants to project, i am certain customers and profits will suffer.

  • By M. Turek - Posted on: August 5, 2013

    I always use either Shell or Mobil in my vehicles because I always thought they were the best & cleanest fuel stations in my opinion since starting to drive when 16. I visited a Shell @ 927 S Busse Rd in My. Prospect, IL last evening @ 8:44pm & purchased regular fuel @ $3.97 a gallon & put $30.03 worth of fuel in my vehicle & 2 blocks later could have purchased gasoline @ 14 cents cheaper. I dislike your fuel differences everywhere either it being Villa Park, IL or Lombard, IL or wherever...your pricing stinks & I am boycotting Shell & I have been a faithful consumer for 41 years since I started driving @ 16 years old. That is just plain & simple price gouging & that sucks. Your Company has gotten out of hand! What a rip off you are to consumers! Marietta Turek P.O. Box 6895 Villa Park, IL 60181

  • By Walter Trott - Posted on: August 1, 2013

    Just returned from a trip to New England and Canada, and when I got off I-495 in Berlin, Mass., specifically to fill up on July 22, 2013, was shocked to find your Shell station closest to my route was giving a big break to cash customers versus a loyal card holder! Insulted by this, I drove down the road (out of my way) and filled up at Ben's Service Station in Berlin, paying CASH, and also saved 10 cents a gallon to boot. Wonder of wonders, he even offered full-service, including cleaning my window! We talked and he said he had formerly been a Gulf station, but let his contract with them expire because he could buy gas cheaper and subsequently pass on that savings to customers. If Shell is considering charging more to its card carriers, then it makes no sense for me to continue to be a customer of Shell. Is that the new policy of Shell? Please advise.

  • By Dr Dorothy Sue Stanley III - Posted on: July 5, 2013

    Pres. of shell oil hear me NOW! i AM YESHUA. i alone am most Holy! i DEMAND SHELL OIL & ALL OIL COMPANY'S. To OBEY me NOW!!! Pay $10.00 an hour to all who will PLANT TREES of FRUIT NUTS. BERRIES. in every countty your in. I DEMAND YOU TO OBEY. bye

  • By Mark McKenzie - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    I have had a very bad experience with a Shell location in Los Angeles, to be specific Shell located at 5551 W Century Blouvard, Los Angeles 90045. I have reported the matter to Shell Corporate Customer Service and nothing has been done about the matter. I went back to the location to make a purchase this evening again 6/4/2013 only to be disrespected again by the attendant named Jennifer. Another customer told me that he has had the same negative experience with same attendant. I cant believe that this has been allowed to continue with a company such as Shell for which I have the highest regard. Is it that the brand of Shell is damaged and now represents rudeness, very poor custormer service and attendants who treat people with contempt? I will not relent until Shell addresses this matter and will take it to social media, my congressman, the los angeles consumer affairs and the department of commerce if necessary.

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