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One John Deere Place Moline, IL 61265
Phone: (309)765-8000

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John Deere World is a company based in U.S and it is one of the largest producers of agricultural machinery across the globe. All the agricultural products manufactured by the company are sold under the brand name of John Deere only. The main products offered by the company include combine harvesters, tractors, balers, UTVs, seeders, cotton harvesters, sprayers, and many other products. It also manufactures a range of forestry and construction equipments and it also supplies drivetrains and diesel engines, which are primarily used in different heavy equipments. For supporting the main business, the company puts forward financial services as well.

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  • By Doug Frye - Posted on: September 19, 2020

    Bought a John Deere E120 thru Home Depot in May of this year (5 months ago). Has 20 hours on it. Now blade will not engage. James River dealer in Monroe states they charge $75 to pick up and repair may not be covered. This is disappointing to say the least. I wish someone from John Deere corporate cared enough about their products and customers to reach out to me (I registered mower on warranty website and my contact information is there if anyone cares).

  • By cl - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    bought john deere riding mower because we thought it was a reputable tractor but UNFORNANTLY, we went through 2 gear boxes. one was after only mowing the yard 1 time. neighbors said his went out after buying a new tractor only a year ago. called J.D. NOTHING could be done. basically keep soaking money into something that's not ever going to work.. worst purchase ever made... won't EVER buy a john deere product again.

  • By Lawson - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    In May of 2007 we bought a 757 Ztrax mower with a 60" Deck, our first John Deere product!! Well I am an extremely unhappy Deere owner. It worked fine until warranty expired. We had it serviced at the beginning of every season. Our mower has had to have piston replaced every two years, first I was told this was my fault, the second time I was told the engine wasn't designed well and gets to hot and warps the pistons, by this time we have put an additional $2000 into the mower. My mower Has 400 hours on it and is back in the shop after 2 mows this season. We were told that This year mower has a faulty engine and that we are just a statistic and we need our engine rebuilt and hopefully that will address the issue, When I contacted John Deere to ask if and why this wasn't recalled or some help for this continuous issue I was told a complaint would be issues on my behalf!! No help is to be given, Sorry about your luck!! Mower is still in the shop, hoping to have it up and running before the season ends. I know everyone supposedly loves a Deere but let me tell you If it don't run like a Deere then you are probably very happy with your mower.. I will let everyone that will listen know how we are a statistic with a faulty mower that John Deere will not help!!

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