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Kmart Corporation serves as the most attractive discount retailing service in the United States. More than two hundred and seventy stores of Kmart sells innumerable equipments of top brands and other private leveled companies. There are about one thousand and three hundred small stores of the company in around forty-nine states across the US. The store also houses in-store pharmacies, selling huge stock of essential and life saving drugs. Kmart emerged from Kresge Corporation when the later was rechristened in 1977. However, they started to see the dark times during 1980s. It was only after its focus-shift to other sports accessories and the likes from the onset of 1990s, they emerged as an important business group in the United States.

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  • By J. Marconi - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    I have to say that I am shocked by the commercial on youtube that I just saw. Advertising by using a group of minority kids to rap about their new clothes is not only stereotypical but it is of very poor taste, and borderline racist. How would white America deal with an ad in which a group of white kids in cowboy boots yoodle about their new blue jeans and john deere backpacks? Not only that but I also just read about the poor single mother who was caught shoplifting at one of your stores, and while the police officers that the store called on her had a heart and decided to buy her the things that her kids needed, the store manager refused to drop the charges and basically forced the officers to arrest her. I think that would of been great for marketing if you showed America that K-mart has a heart, but I guess your heart left along with your quality when sears bought the company out. I am disgusted and will never shop at anyone of your stores again, maybe you guys can put some morale on lay away if you can not afford it, or maybe you should buy it at Wal-Mart. J marconi

  • By MLewis - Posted on: August 8, 2013

    I am appalled at the "gangster rap" type of commercials you people are putting out there for our children to see. What class of people are you trying to win over? We already have to put up with this type of mess at Wal-Mart and now you are even worse. You should be ashamed of trying to make a "comeback" using this low class type of advertising. You lost this customer, for sure. Some parents are working desperately to keep their children from this type of treatment and exposure in our day-to-day lives and you are putting it "in your face" in your commercials. This does nothing to help our children in this already unappreciative, out-of-control world. If I were one of the parents of the kids in the commercials, I would NOT allow them to appear. It is funny what a bit of money does, isn't it?

  • By shugababy - Posted on: August 8, 2013

    Wow WOW WOW! these frigin awful commercials if these little black kids acting all gangster One with a bunch of gold chains around his neck! So what is all this ? Kmart is now endorsing the rap gangster lifestyle in small children if it isn't already prevalent enough ? I'm completely discusted oh sure you threw in a token white kid I think in two of them . The fact you take Paula Deen off shelves is just stupid because you are the true racists for pumping out all these didcusting commercials. Check your stores musics rap CDs you sell see how many have positive messages or better yet use the wholly forbidden word in them. I use to support Kmart grew up with you and made sure I spent my money there. Well no more and tell you advertising dept the are complete idiots for creating these adds, the first one I was shocked I now see a neo one just about every other day , and pissed off describes it better now. Screw you Kmart why not adds that have a possitive to them like whole black family sitting down for dinner?

  • By Vicki - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    I find that the commercials that are currently appearing on TV for back to school items are offensive. You have children 'playing' the dozens in the school yard, a throwback to an era that does not need to be revisited. The one on the school bus and in the school hallway also are what I consider to be somewhat racist. All of these commercials seem to concentrate their themes towards the Black community. After seeing them, I for one will not be doing any back to school shopping at Kmart.

  • By Patty - Posted on: August 5, 2013

    I am disgusted at the recent commercials for back to school ads. Why are you promoting gang member behavior? This encourages youngsters that this is acceptable in society. I work in law enforcement and we have enough problems with gang members without K-Mart targeting an impressionable age group with slang talk, ghetto music and grammar not found in the English language. I find it appalling and offensive. The people in charge of marketing need to check all the comments on to view all the negative feedback you are receiving. I will not be shopping at Kmart in the future. It is a horribly distasteful commercial.

  • By D. Ojeda - Posted on: August 3, 2013

    My husband and I are disgusted with your recent commercials. School children not speaking proper English. What are you people trying to teach? We have chosen to write off both K Mart and Sears. We have never seen such a poor excuse for a clothes ad for children. You certainly are not the only clothing store "on the block". Shame on you.

  • By Debbie - Posted on: August 2, 2013

    Wow.. what an insult against teachers with your recent commercials. You make it seem that we can not teach children correct English.... cause "YO MAMA" is not taught in our school systems. Shame on you for profiling also. Your advertisement department needs to "re-think" their ads. Most people are offended and you WILL loose a lot of business to competitors. Once again SHAME ON YOU for not giving our teachers more credit than what you did... I am done with you and Sears...

  • By Cynthia - Posted on: August 16, 2013

    I would like to say that the commercial for back to school on a bus with these kids doing rap is the dumbest commercial I have see in along time. You can't understand one single word they are even saying. Very annoying!!

  • By carla dahlquist - Posted on: August 15, 2013

    ***NOTE*** I GIVE ZERO (0) STARS . Kmart is MISLEADING THEIR CUSTOMERS... Signs throughout the shoe department say all shoes are buy one at regular price get one half off. Sounds Good Right?!? WRONG!!! A very large portion of the shoe dept. Is marked as being on sale for $2 to $4 off the regular price. Another good sized portion is on sale with no sale signs to be found. ....AND just enough of a sale to not qualify for 1/2 off ie, $2 to $4 off the regular price. In the last 4 days we have bought 6 pairs of shoes and NOT ONE OF THEM QUALIFIED FOR THE BOGO DEAL!!! In fact this is how it works: 2 pairs of shoes $19.99 regular price each. Pay $19.99 for first $10.00 for the second pair on the BOGO DEAL TOTAL TO PAY $29.99 For 2 pairs of shoes. ....................... With out the bogo deal: 1 pair regular price $19.99 2nd pair on sale for $16.99 DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR THE- QBOGO THE DEAL! (both have to be regular price) TOTAL PAY $36.98 FOR THE SAME 2 PAIRS OF SHOES???????? We are seriously paying $6.99 MORE because they were on sale????????? Which is the better deal??? Shoes on sale for $16.99 OR Shoes on the BOGO deal for $10.00??? I spoke with the manager of the KMART on Alesandro BLVD in Riverside CA. AND He had the nerve to act like he had absolutely no clue what I was talking about...and he repeated back part of what I said but as a question.... He said " OUR ENTIRE SHOE DEPARTMENT IS ON BOGO HALF OFF?" Then said "They have been running extra sales to help people save money!" How does charging your customer more for the same pair of shoes save them money, is what I want to know!!! THIS PRACTICE DOES ONE THING....IT PUTS MORE MONEY IN THE POCKETS OF KMART!!!! I think that everyone needs to be made aware of the fact that KMART IS PULLING THIS ON THEIR CUSTOMERS. We ended up paying more then we really should have on our shoes because a portion of them were bought while out with 5 grand children getting back to school gear for them....very high stress and we just did not want to get even more stressed. It is up to us the consumers to protect ourselves and our families from this kind of misleading information from the corporations that only want your money! Kmart Corporation Corporate Office & Headquarters 3333 Beverly Rd. Hoffman Estates IL 60179 Kmart Corporation corporate phone number: 1(847) 286-2500 AND Kmart Customer Service phone number (this is not the corporate offices of Kmart) 1(866) 562-7848 (toll free) Shortcut: press 6 ***NOTE*** I GIVE ZERO (0) STARS

  • By margie - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    in a world full of hate and crime exploiting children to talk and act like a rapper which most rappers are not role models is sad I will no longer shop at kmart we need to teach kids to work hard and speak properly by the way I am not a racist I am an educated minority

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